Austin American Technology introduces new “Aqua ROSE” batch cleaner/tester

Aqua_Rose-new productAustin American Technology Corporation has added the new Aqua ROSETM, aqueous batch cleaner/tester to it’s family of “Earth Smart” technology cleaners. This new cleaner is designed to combine the operation of precision cleaning of electronic modules and ionic cleanliness verification in one automatic step.

The new Aqua Rose cleanliness measuring algorithm uses the resistance of solvent extract (ROSE) test methodology laid out in IPC TM-650. The “ROSE” test is the recognized industry standard in measuring and monitoring ionic cleanliness of manufactured modules on most military, space, and medically related products. Previously the two operations were two separate and just a few samples were pulled for ionic cleanliness. Combining these into one operation makes collecting and controlling ionic cleanliness effortless and 100%. Every batch cleaned can be programmed with an automatic ROSE test of 1 to 10 minutes which occurs following the final DI rinse and before the drying operation eliminating the possibility of a batch escape and cuts the need for extra board handling and test equipment. This is unlike other cleaners that simply report the final rinse DI purity and do not report the actual ionic cleanliness level (NaCl eq./cm2)

The Aqua Rose in base upon AAT’s AquaTherm batch cleaner design proven effective and efficient at removing soldering residues from circuit assemblies with water only or with most water based cleaning chemistries for decades. Other standard features include, stainless cabinet and process chamber, viewing window and lighted process chamber, touch screen operation and programming, password protection, high energy cleaning and rising jets, rinse purity pass/fail and built in process data logging to USB.

The Aqua Rose comes with a newly designed dryer with 3 rotating drying manifolds providing rapid drying of fully loaded upper and lower board racks allowing total batch cycle times around one hour including wash rinse and dry and the ROSE ionic cleanliness test. Amazingly the Aqua Rose cleaner/tester starts under $25,000 for the cleaner and tester combo, less than most cleaners or testers individually. Fully closed loop for under $40,000.


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