Austin American Technology’s New “ExtremeJet®” Inline Micro –Hybrid Circuit Cleaner is Coming to APEX 2018, San Diego-Booth# 2401

Austin American Technology Corporation has added the new ExtremeJet® inline cleaner to its family of “Earth Smart” technology cleaners. This new cleaner is designed to clean advanced microcircuits thoroughly at high production rates.
In keeping with AAT’s innovative design, the new ExtremeJet® has many new features including its advanced dual cleaning technology and new air curtain isolation. The dual action spray bars combine coherent spray jets that use high impingement energy to clean tough areas and flooding jets to give the highest performance with variable board geometries to create the ultimate cleaning experience. AAT has also added 4 new air curtain isolation cells with coherent jet technology to cut chemistry consumption by reducing drag out, improving DI closed-loop bed life, and speeding up the process.

The ExtremeJet® comes with Austin American Technology’s patented Jet Manifold drying system which removes water from the PCB without using an independent heater, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on the assembly. The ExtremeJet® uses a HEPA filter to minimize particulate contamination of sensitive electronics. With all its advanced technology, the ExtremeJet® Inline Cleaner uses certified Earth Smart scientific know-how to maximize savings and minimize environmental impact.

The ExtremeJet® design is based on proven effective and efficient designed developed in our Jet inline cleaning series. Other standard features include 30% more spray bars than our standard machines, 50% smaller footprint to comparable competitive systems, touch screen operation and programming, password protection, high energy cleaning and rinsing jets, and built in process data logging to USB.
Todd Rountree, president of AAT, states “The new ExtremeJet® from Austin American Technology is the most advanced inline cleaner on the market today. The cleaning technology is the most advanced and best performing design AAT has ever released. The ExtremeJet accomplishes this in an industry leading small footprint of only 10’, with built in demister for low chemistry consumption, less energy usage, and quiet operation. All this in a sleek, modern design with customizable lighted name badge. The ExtremeJet® is sure to keep AAT ahead of the competition.”
Quote from Steve Stach, founder and project leader –“ We met all our design goals in this project. The ExtremeJet® is a truly outstanding machine, combining high speed cleaning with unmatched efficiency and chemical isolation. It is most remarkable high volume defluxer on the market today and we are very proud to add it in our product line.”

Austin American Technology (AAT) is an innovative, market-leading company, engineering and manufacturing production and assembly systems for the electronics manufacturing industry. With many years of collective experience in the electronics and semiconductor industries, AAT’s production solutions have introduced the world’s first automated stencil cleaner in 1988. During the 1990s, AAT developed batch cleaning systems and were early adopters of closed-loop (zero-discharge) capability. In 2000, AAT became a market leader in inline cleaning systems with the introduction of the award-winning HYDROJET® series, followed by the MICROJET® inline flip chip cleaner, to 10/9/2015 NanoJet® which receives NPI Award. Now, AAT is leading the technical cleaning industry again with 2 machines, the Mega ION® and the Aqua ROSETM, which combine Cleaning and ROSE Testing in one cycle.

For more information about the ExtremeJet Inline Cleaner, go to our webpage, or contact:
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