Automatic ultrasonic stencil & pallet cleaner – new lower cost!

Model 6100 Stencil-Pallet CleanerWith the strong dollar impacting international sales, Smart Sonic has invested time and resources into lowering the cost of the next generation stencil cleaners. The New Model 6100 comes fully loaded with the most popular options and CE certification yet the selling price is almost 20% less than its predecessor!

The Model 6100 maintains the overall appearance and function of the 6000 series, but the new manufacturing strategies set in place have allowed for dramatic cost reductions. Prior to the Model 6100, Smart Sonic would build each machine to order according to the customer’s specifications. Now, by equipping each machine with the most popular options, the Model 6100 can be fabricated in larger lots providing significant savings in materials and reduced labor. A win-win for the customer and Smart Sonic!

The Model 6100 is the “workhorse” of the Smart Sonic line of ultrasonic stencil & pallet cleaners. Able to clean 29” x 29” stencils in less than 2 minutes, the Model 6100 can also clean wave solder pallets, oven radiators, misprinted PCBs and associated tooling used in the SMT printing process.

Like all Smart Sonic Stencil & Pallet Cleaners, the Model 6100 is compatible with Smart Sonic’s exclusive EnviroGuard 100% Closed-loop Technology and 440-R SMT Detergent, the only VOC-free stencil cleaning chemistry.

The Standard Model 6000 will still be offered to allow customization for unique applications. The Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaning Process is verified for specific parameters of environmental safety, user safety and cleaning efficiency by the U.S. EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program and is guaranteed to clean any type of SMT solder paste from any fine-pitch stencil! For additional information go to or visit us at APEX 2016 in Booth #2304.


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