CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY announces 2016 NPI Award winners

0255CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY announced the winners of the 2016 New Product Introduction Awards for electronics assembly equipment, materials, and software.

The 9th annual NPI Awards recognizes leading new products during the past 12 months. An independent panel of practicing industry engineers selected the recipients.

The winners are:


Automation Tools                          ASM Assembly Systems (Siplace Bulkfeeder X)

Bonders                                                                 Palomar Technologies (3880 Die Bonder)

Coatings/Encapsulants                                      Aculon (NanoProof PCB Repellency)

Cleaning Equipment                                           Seika Machinery (Unitech UC-250M-CV PCB Board Cleaner)

Cleaning Materials                                               Kyzen (Aquanox A8820)

Component Placement – High Speed              Fuji America (LCR Unit)

Component Placement – Multifunction          Kurtz Ersa (Ersa Roboplace)

Component Storage                                             Inovaxe (InoAuto Smart Cart)

Device Programming                                          Data I/O (LumenX)

Dispensing Equipment                                      Techcon Systems (TS5624 Disposable Diaphragm Valve)

Process Control Tools                                        Seika Machinery (RCX Series Modular Reflow Oven Profiling System)

Rework & Repair Tools                                     BEST Inc. (HeatShieldGel)

Screen/Stencil Printing Equipment              Speedline Technologies (MPM Edison)

Screen/Stencil Printing Peripherals/Consumables            Datum Alloys (Datum Tension Stainless Steel Foil)

Software – Management                               Europlacer Americas (CircuitCAM

Express Offline Programming Software)

Software – Process Control                          Kurtz Ersa (Imagesoft)

Software – Production                                  Cogiscan (Factory Intelligence)

Soldering Materials                                       Henkel Electronic Materials (Loctite GC 3W)

Soldering – Reflow                                        Kurtz Ersa (Hotflow 3/20 Voidless)

Soldering – Other                                          ACE Production Technologies
(LTS300-JEDEC Molten Solder Lead Tinning System)

Soldering – Selective                                    Kurtz Ersa (Versaflow 455)

Test & Inspection – AOI                             MIRTEC (MV-6 Omni 3D In-Line AOI)

Test & Inspection – AXI                             Scienscope International (AXI5100c)

Training Materials                                      STI Electronics (IPC-A-600 PCB Process Sequence Kit)

Underfill/Thermal Interface Materials            Henkel Electronic Materials (Gap Pad EMI 1.0)

The awards were presented during a ceremony at IPC Apex Expo in Las Vegas.

“As usual, the judges found some of the categories very difficult to decide,” said Mike Buetow, editor-in-chief of CIRCUITS ASSEMBLY. “The competition was tremendous, especially in AOI, rework and repair tools, and soldering materials.”



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