Cleaning machines, cleaning agents and analytical support at the SMT tradeshow

At SMT Hybrid Packaging, ZESTRON will be exhibiting a selection of state-of-the-art cleaning machines from leading international manufacturers that will showcase a variety of innovative and proven technologies to trade show visitors looking for a new cleaning machine. ZESTRON’s process engineers and technologists of the equipment manufacturers are available to answer questions about the technology as well as the cleaning chemistry optimally adapted to it.

This year’s offer will be extended by the topics validating and monitoring of cleaning processes to ensure the reliability of the assemblies so that trade show visitors can inform themselves about innovative, non-destructive testing and new measurement concepts.

Another trade show highlight of ZESTRON is the area of power electronics including cleaning agents of the VIGON® PE series, which are especially adapted to the requirements of power modules, and the world’s first water-based stencil cleaning agent VIGON® TC 150 for the removal of thermally conductive compounds.


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