Conecsus presents SMT metals waste recycling solutions at SMTA Tijuana Technical Forum

Conecsus, LLC, an innovative environmental technology and recycling company, will exhibit at the SMTA Tijuana Expo & Tech Forum on Thursday, June 8, 2017, at the Hotel Marriott Tijuana, Blvd. Agua Caliente 11553, Chapultepec Este., Tijuana BC 22420, Mexico. Conecsus’ reps will describe what Conecsus does and how its recycling technology benefits the SMT/PCB electronics manufacturer, with innovative ways of dealing with metals-contaminated waste in an increasingly environmentally-conscious manufacturing world. Conecsus representatives will include Roberto G Valenzuela and Yessica Romero.

Conecsus representatives will illustrate how the company processes wastes containing primarily Tin, Tin-Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper, and converts them into usable metal products for sale into the global market. Conecsus De Mexico S.A. De C.V. is a Corporate Member of the SMTA Guadalajara, Mexico Chapter.

Local Expos and Tech Forums have become one of the great benefits of SMTA’s local chapters. Attendees get valuable technical info, meet leading suppliers, and get a free lunch. Exhibitors get a great opportunity to connect with people in their region who want to know about their products and services. The forum uns from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM local time; for more information, contact SMTA Mexico, tel. 52-6144884119, email

With patented, advanced recycling technologies, Conecsus keeps its customers compliant with local, state, and federal regulations while decreasing their carbon footprint and reportable waste streams. Conecsus, LLC is a sophisticated ‘green’ recycler and refiner of SMT solder/solder paste wastes and residues, as well as Tin, Lead, Silver, Gold, and Copper from a variety of manufacturing industries. Conecsus converts these wastes into usable metal products.


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