Count On Tools, Inc. introduces ASM Siplace metal nozzle magazines for AdoptSMT’s 7xx/9xx series

COT Adopt Nozzle MagazineCount On Tools, Inc. (COT), a provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announced the launch of ASM Siplace Metal Nozzle Magazines for 7xx/9xx Series machines. With each broken nozzle magazine, customers are throwing away money. Thanks to the introduction of this self-designed replacement nozzle magazine for Siplace collect-and-place machines, customers can expect much higher durability combined with significant cost savings and reduced waste.

The newly designed full metal nozzle magazine from AdoptSMT offers several advantages compared to the typical plastic ones offered by the OEM. This new magazine is manufactured with a hardened base plate and a non-moving top plate with complete round holes as nozzle garages, allowing the nozzles to sit securely. The nozzles are held in position by robust springs and detents. Numbers of the nozzle garages are clearly marked and can be read easily.

The new ASM Siplace Metal Nozzle Magazines are compatible with all Siplace 7xx / 9xx Series machines. They are guaranteed to work as a drop-in replacement and are priced to be competitive with OEM plastic versions.

The program will be officially launched during the IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas this March. Customers can stop by the Count On Tools booth (#2801) to see the new product.


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