The Dawn of a New Era: NEPCON China to Offer Exciting New Elements in 2016

The Dawn of a New Era: NEPCON China to Offer Exciting New Elements in 2016

As technology continues to develop and the impact of Internet+ is felt, electronic products are upgrading rapidly in the global market. As the global manufacturing base of electronic products, China is registering rapid growth in the value of its electronics manufacturing industry. With the development of this industry, a coordinated complementarity and interactive development have emerged across the eastern, central and western regions of China.

2015 marks the end of the 12th five-year plan (FYP). The 13th FYP will aim to expand the market space for the “Made in China 2015” strategy through reform at the supply and demand ends. China’s electronics manufacturing industry is no longer developing at super speeds, and manufacturers are facing both challenges and opportunities to transform and upgrade.  Stressed by lack of skilled labor and rising compound costs, China’s electronic manufacturing industry must streamline, automate, and follow information-based production management to achieve intelligent manufacturing.

Electronics Exhibition Hall Among Highlights to Ensure Whole New Experience at NEPCON China 2016

NEPCON China is a large-scale exhibition with a long history in electronics manufacturing.  The event showcases surface mount technology (SMT), electronic manufacturing automated equipment, technologies and printed circuit boards. NEPCON China 2016 will be held in Hall 1 & Hall 2 of Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center from April 26-28, 2016. As an influential exhibition in China’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China keeps current with trends and market demand.  The show serves as a powerful platform that brings together world-renowned electronics manufacturers and provides a comprehensive showcase of new products, technologies and processes in electronics manufacturing.  In these ways, NEPCON China promotes development in China’s electronics manufacturing industry.

New, Upgraded Platform with Expanded Scale

NEPCON China 2015 attracted nearly 22,000 high-end buyers from various kinds of electronic manufacturers in eastern, central and northern China. With the market clamouring for a clear electronic manufacturing industry showcase, NEPCON China 2016 will expand its exhibition space from 25,000sqm to 30,000sqm. The specially-launched exhibition area in Hall 2 will cover three hot manufacturing fields: PCB (printed circuit board), EMA (electronic manufacturing automation), and EMS (electronic manufacturing services).  This hall will give exhibitors and visitors more space to interact and negotiate with each other.

Information Dissemination and Resource-Sharing Forums

As an important part of NEPCON China 2016, the concurrently running informational events will be closely attended by the industry professionals onsite. The events will provide accurate instructions and highlight the latest industry knowledge and key topics. A dozen distinct meetings tailored to diverse demands will be held at NEPCON China 2016.  Representatives from suppliers of world renowned industry brands will examine the hottest topics around today’s electronic manufacturing trade.  This will include electronics manufacturing, SMT, EMA, system integration, PCB, integrated circuits, welding, anti-static, EMS, industrial robots and machine vision.

Exhibition Zones to Profile Leading Trends

With rising technical and labor costs for electronic products, China’s traditional electronic manufacturing industry is facing development bottlenecks. The replacement of manpower with automated equipment, together with the challenge of technological limitations are inevitable future industry trends. To integrate the electronics manufacturing industry’s diverse application demands, NEPCON China 2016 will launch a dedicated zone in Hall 2, where PCB, EMA and EMS products and services will be featured.

The EMA Pavilion, also new at NEPCON China 2016, will showcase application schemes of the advanced industry automation and system integration technologies in electronics manufacturing. The Pavilion will attract visitors with diversified procurement demands and be a one-stop comprehensive trade platform for suppliers to promote products and expand their businesses.

NEPCON China 2016 will also have an EMS pavilion for the first time: the EMS Procurement Center.  This trade and procurement platform will be dedicated to providing electronic manufacturing service solutions for electronics brand enterprises and electronics innovators. Over 1,000 electronics brands will be featured to tens of thousands of visitors here. A diverse array of EMS providers and solution design companies will feature their delivery capabilities and original design schemes to help businesses improve profitability and lower operational risks.

The EMS pavilion is a response to China’s need to deepen reform of electronics manufacturing.  Further, a new PCB pavilion covering PCB manufacturing and environmental protection equipment, as well as digital, intelligent, low-carbon, and network-based development materials, will highlight state-of-the-art technologies and current industry concepts.

Two Events in One to Maximize Synergies

To develop China’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2016 has strategically adjusted the standard event. C-TOUCH 2016 will run concurrent to the show in Hall 2.  The new two-shows-in-one model is a combination of resources that offers diversified exhibits to visitors, as well as a new level of interactive experience with the electronics themselves. C-TOUCH 2016 closely follows the trend of normalized development of the electronic manufacturing industry, and serves as a platform for exhibiting and selling 3D printers, camera modules, sapphire, and wearable smart devices.  Buyers and visitors will enjoy a diverse array of comfort-enhancing services to satisfy specific needs.

NEPCON Covers Core Electronic Industry Fields to Drive Industry Growth

NEPCON China 2016 will cover major fields of EMS, OEM, original design and manufacture, consumer electronics, communication electronics, computers, automotive electronics and medical electronics. Through effective demonstration and interaction, the event aims to promote in-depth development of each field.

Automotive Electronics: Sharing Technological Solutions

Because of the development of The Internet of Vehicles and big data, the cost of auto electronics relative to that of the whole car continues to rise. However, due to limited innovation capacity, Chinese auto electronics manufacturers mainly develop information, recreation and navigation systems.  They are at a competitive disadvantage in terms of engine control, chassis control systems and body electronics – all of which require high technology and have more value.

NEPCON China 2016 will cover hot technologies in auto electronics and focus on resolving industry challenges, such as those related to vehicle-mounted information recreation, parking sensors and sensor night-vision. Local and international premium exhibitors, as well as visitors, will engage in lively discussions and share technological solutions on site.

LED: Business Opportunities for Intelligent Lighting

The world economy is yet to recover from the economic crash of the late noughties and trade barriers are adversely impacting the export of LED lights around the globe.  Thanks to rising costs of original materials, the product price advantage is falling and the fast upgrading of industry technologies is making it hard for companies to maintain a technical advantage. With the alteration of Internet technology in the information age, intelligent lighting will combine with intelligent home and construction to become a key future trend.

NEPCON China 2016 will exhibit frontier technologies in the upstream and downstream of the LED industry, including materials, chips, packaging, devices and applications. Industry elites, together with local and international visitors, will conduct deep discussions on fast emerging popular technologies like LED packaging and intelligent application of LED.  They will also share classic industry practices to bring about higher-value business opportunities for participants.

Medical Electronics: Highlighting Hotspots in Mobile Healthcare

With continuously rising demand in its medical electronics market, China is now the third largest market for medical electronics, behind the US and Japan. Over 13% of the Chinese population today is above 60 years of age.  This large geriatric population intensifies China’s need for healthcare and life quality services. The medical and healthcare industries are therefore shifting from a focus on disease treatment to one on prevention. Mobile healthcare applications will be the next market hot spot.

NEPCON China 2016 will host leaders in the medical electronics industry for thorough discussions on technologies related to wearable medical electronic equipment, mobile remote medical equipment, the combination of medical electronics and smart terminals (such as mobile phones) as well as mobile healthcare equipment in sports medicine. These will form a new ecological model for the medical electronics industry.

Consumer Electronics: Transformation and Upgrade to Intelligent Manufacturing in China

Currently, the consumer electronics industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation. The application and integration of new technologies, including The Internet of Things, smart hardware, and cloud computing, have brought huge opportunities to innovate. Establishing a closely-related cooperative and competitive ecosystem has become a new norm for industry competitors.

To cater to the ecosystem in the age of consumer electronics, in 2016, NEPCON China, a renowned event in China’s electronic manufacturing industry, will set up an all-around showcase for exhibiting new products, international sourcing, industry communication, cooperation negotiation and interactive innovation.  It will do so by integrating its advantages in technology, information and channels, with the aim of accelerating transformation and upgrading of consumer electronics industry brands from “made in China” to “intelligent manufacturing in China”.  NEPCON China 2016 will also help companies expand the market and secure win-win partnerships.

HYPERLINK “” NEPCON China 2016 will be held in Hall 1 & Hall 2, Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center from April 26-28, 2016. As a prestigious, trusted and comprehensive business communication platform for Asia’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2016 is ready to attract worldwide attention!

About NEPCON China 2016

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