The dawn of a new era: NEPCON China to offer exciting new elements in 2016

In 2016, the national reform process will extend to electronics manufacturing, as “smart manufacturing”, “energy efficiency”, “green technology”, “cross-discipline transition”, and “information security” become ever more popular buzz words. The launch of the China Manufacturing 2025 initiative is driving Industry 4.0 growth in China, as the internet integrates further with industry to promote smart manufacturing in the electronics sector.NEPCON China

As an influential exhibition in China’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2016 will be held in Hall 1 & Hall 2, Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center from April 26-28, 2016. With the market clamouring for a clear electronic manufacturing industry showcase, NEPCON China 2016 will expand its exhibition space from 25,000sqm to 30,000sqm. The specially-launched exhibition area in Hall 2 will cover three hot manufacturing fields: PCB (printed circuit board), EMA (electronic manufacturing automation), and EMS (electronic manufacturing services). This hall will give exhibitors and visitors more space to interact and negotiate with each other.

Especially to deserve to be mentioned, to better serve the diversified needs of trade visitors, in 2016 NEPCON China will be collocated with C-TOUCH at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. A massive collection of cutting-edge electronics manufacturing and touch-based technologies, the events will have a major impact on the electronics manufacturing and touchscreen industries.
As a prestigious, trusted and comprehensive business communication platform for Asia’s electronics manufacturing industry, NEPCON China 2016 is ready to attract worldwide attention!


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