Don’t MISS our demonstration on co-solvent defluxing process during SMTAi 2016 – Booth #339

Inventec’s team would like to invite you to visit our Booth #339 during SMTA International 2016 for a demo on our co-solvent defluxing process We will be presenting our new products below…

The Topklean EL20P has been designed in response to the latest defluxing needs, formulated to have an outstanding capillary action by taking into consideration two main parameters: the penetration coefficient and the solvency power.TK EL20P270

High reliability selective soldering becomes more challenging when residues remain on the PCBs after soldering. These residues can promote corrosion, leading to field failures. Ecofrec 205 has been developed to address the issues with chemical reliability.

Live DEMO on new co-solvent defluxing process”

The cleaning action to remove baked-on solder flux residues after reflow, also known as defluxing, from PCBs has become more and more challenging. Today’s higher density boards, miniaturization, lower standoff components and complex geometries present unique challenges for reliable cleaning.

For almost 2 decades, the Topklean EL 20 product range has been best in class for use as a separate or mixed co-solvent agent with HFEs (hydrofluoroether) in vapor phase cleaning systems to remove solder flux residues, before the application of conformal coatings, underfills or wire bonding processes.

More information, watch our co-solvent defluxing process video

Go beyond expected reliability! 

Reduce the risk of corrosion and humidity driven failure mechanisms with the high performance chemistry of the Ecorel Free 21 solder paste range.

Screen-Shot-2016-09-21-at-16.28.51Ecorel Free 405Y-21 is a version using a doped SAC alloy which strengths the interdendritic zone to ensure a better resistance to thermocycling at higher operating temperatures (more than 130°C).

Inventec develops, manufactures and supplies soldering, cleaning and coating materials used in electronics assembly. The company specialises in high reliability and high tech applications in many industries including automotive, telecom, energy, LED lighting, rail, aerospace, military and semiconductor.

Inventec is a division of the Dehon Group, with head offices in Vincennes, France, and has 11 subsidiaries around the world and production sites in France, Switzerland, China, Malaysia, Mexico and the United States.

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