EUTECT GmbH is participating in a North American automotive supplier fair for the first time

Highly flexible laser soldering automation for automotive applicationSwabian family company EUTECT GmbH is participating this year at EVS29 in Montreal, Canada. EVS29 is the largest trade show in the world for electrical drive engineering in automobiles. Since 1969 EVS29 has developed into the leading trade show at which manufacturers, customers, politicians, and researchers meet and exchange.

 The participation at EVS29 also represents EUTECT GmbH’s first attendance at a trade show in North America. ‘Meanwhile many of our customer requests revolve around products for alternative drive systems’, confirms Matthias Fehrenbach, managing director of EUTECT GmbH. ‘We already have contact with many suppliers in Europe so that now we’re making the leap across the big pond to find out what opportunities we have here’, continues Fehrenbach.

Some of the Swabian machine manufacturer’s systems already stand in the US and Mexico today due to the globalized production of EUTECT’s customers. The modular machine concept in particular enables customers to conduct complex packaging and connection processes. ‘The nearly moribund THT has received new life with the intensive development of alternative drive technologies and the associated power electronics’, rejoices Fehrenbach.

EUTECT GmbH has established itself as a technology leader in special solutions in packaging and connection technology thanks to self-developed solder modules in the field of miniwave and laser soldering and individual machine configurations. These are exactly the flexible special solutions in demand in today’s automotive-technology supply industry.

EUTECT is introducing its compact laser-soldering system, SWF LL XS800, at EVS29. A table system with a 720 mm x 800 mm footprint is involved here. The SWF LL XS800 is equipped with a regulated SWF. This wire feed guides wires to process surfaces path- and force-monitored. The wire’s impact force can thus be defined. The wire feed is stopped when this is achieved. Both the feed and withdrawal of the wire are monitored in the process. The wire feed’s patented action-reaction principle enables this. Wire kinking is avoided using this function; component and handling tolerances are compensated or detected. Reference points are likewise specified here in order to be able to transport controlled, reproducible amounts of wire.

The wire-reel holder is aligned flexibly so that various wire-reel positions as well as reel diameters can be used in the shortest possible time. The work angle can be freely selected in this connection. The wire is introduced stably into the soldering process in a regulated manner using this intelligent sensor technology whereby a maximum of process reliability is constantly guaranteed. The C6 controller can record all of the process steps involved, which enables 100% data capture in terms of traceability. ‘The machine’s size as well as its stand-alone concept make it an ideal process solution for small and mid-sized companies that have to complete challenging soldering tasks

with smaller piece counts’, explains Fehrenbach. It is precisely in the development of new assemblies that the machine can be ideally used, because retooling can be undertaken without great loss of time thanks to its flexibility.

‘Participation at the trade show is also an experiment for us. As small mid-sized companies we find it difficult to assess how good the opportunities are in North America. But we can well imagine that our machines Made in Germany will be well received’, says Fehrenbach looking foward optimistically.

EUTECT GmbH can be found at the German pavilion, stand 715.


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