Explore ApexFA’s full line, including SJ Innotech printers, Mirae placement, Xavis Xray, and DIMA prototype SMT equipment at the 2016 IPC Expo, booth #957

ApexFA will be highlighting equipment from all four product lines with live demos at the IPC Expo, March 15-17 in Las Vegas.

The award-winning SJ Innotech 520SPI printer with built-in 3D SPI will be presented in the Apex FA booth, additionally the SJ HPX-1300S 48″ long board printer will be featured on the Panasonic Total Solutions LED production line in booth #2528.

The Mirae MR40L, a dual-gantry Linear Motor placement machine with capability of up to 42 kcph (IPC 9850 spec) will also be presented. Its fully intelligent, electronic high-speed feeders as well as the user friendly and powerful NPI software will be featured.

The Xavis A-130 Xray system, a 2D xray unit with the 3D cone beam CT option, will present state-of-the-art Xray imaging at the show. The new version of the VX3D class-leading 3D rendering/analysis software will also be demonstrated, showing the remarkable resolution and detail of Xray images only available with CT scanning technology.

The Nordson-DIMA ATOZ PP-050 placement machine will round out the machine offerings in the ApexFA booth. It is a highly configurable pick and place system for prototype to low-volume customers, starting under $40k, yet includes high-line features such as fully electronic intelligent feeders, and capacity of up to 120 feeder 8 or 12mm feeders in a small footprint machine. DIMA also makes printers, conveyors and reflow ovens for the NPI and low-volume market.

For additional information stop by booth #957 at the show or contact your local ApexFA sales representative.

About Apex Factory Automation:

Apex Factory Automation and their team of advanced surface mount technology experts deliver thoughtfully tailored and reliably supported manufacturing solutions to meet client requirements.  Their highly scalable solutions include the comprehensive range of Mirae and DIMA pick and place machines, SJ Inno Tech Printers , XAVIS X-Ray and TSM reflow ovens. The ApexFA team partners with its clients to establish best-value and optimized SMT production solutions for every manufacturing requirement – from low- to high-volume lines. For more information about Apex Factory Automation, visit www.apexfa.com.

Apex Factory Automation Contacts:

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Bob Drake

Product Marketing Manager

Apex Factory Automation

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Tel: 1-888-323-4555, extension 130

Email: wcrist@apexfa.com

Web: www.apexfa.com

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