Feeder Finger will showcase new Cut Tape Solutions for Juki, Panasonic, and ASM Siplace Smart Feeder at Apex 2018

Feeder Finger a division of Automation Technical Services will launch three new Cut Tape Solutions for Juki, Panasonic, and ASM feeders. Attendees visiting our booth at location 3015 will be able to personally load 80mm/3 inch cut tape onto these feeders to see and feel the performance of the Feeder Finger adapters.

ATS designed the cut tape solution to precisely fit each feeder model. The high-quality anodized aircraft machined aluminum replaces the existing tape guide. Feeder Finger allows for an unskilled operator to easily supply tape components by merely inserting the tape itself without the need for splicing or complex routing of the cover tape through the feeder.

Buy the parts you need and save on costs without the concerns of efficiently feeding strips of component tape. Feeders can now be set up a time-tested 50% faster, and cover tape feeder jams during production are a thing of the past. Make some time in your schedule to have a little fun and enjoy the learning experience while seeing revolutionary technology transform an industry. See you at the show



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