Get started! ASYS at the SMT show 2016


The EKRA SMT printing systems can be scaled as needed

Trade Fair Preview, SMT, Hall 7, Booth 441

Under the motto “get started!”, Asys invites this year, from April 26 to 28, to visit the SMT trade fair in Nuremberg. From early on, the Asys Group has set pioneering impulses for the smart factory of the future. Now, the company encourages to get started with unique Industry 4.0 solutions and comprehensive know-how. Welcome to the manufacturing of tomorrow that is efficient and future-proof.

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, robots navigate autonomously through production halls, operators know in advance which tasks are next to carry out, and production lines adjust automatically to a product. This enormous dynamism in production is due to innovative companies that are continuously working on innovative and sustainable solutions. “How can the factory of the future be made as efficient as possible? What assistance systems support operators in their work? These and other questions have been driving our work for years”, says Karin Walter, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing at Asys.

Centralized monitoring via tablet and smartwatch

At the Asys Group booth, visitors experience a live production line with autonomous loading and mobile monitoring of the entire line, including partner facilities. Pulse, Asys’ award-winning software solution, optimizes the daily work in production and sets new standards. A smartwatch alerts the operator via vibration alarm about warnings and machine stops at the line and organizes tasks and their remaining time in a clearly structured to-do list. The entire line is graphically visualized on a tablet. Information about the machines is available at the tip of a finger, and handling modules can be operated remotely.

Clever material logistics for flexible production

The latest module of the Pulse family is the autonomous transport robot Pulse UNITR. The unique robot changes magazines and trays independently and fully automatically, allowing a self-organizing material logistics system. The robot moves in production halls entirely on its own, carrying various materials such as magazines, stencils, trays, or component rolls. The applications are diverse and adapted to a versatile production of tomorrow. Pulse UNITR detects obstacles early on, stops depending on the situation, moves around objects, or automatically adjusts its speed. The transport robot becomes a location-independent and flexible assistant in production and ensures safe human-machine interaction.

Ekra captivates by diversity and scalability


The EKRA SMT printing systems can be scaled as needed

“Scalable into infinity” is Ekra’s motto at the SMT. Whether compact model, back-to-back printer or high-end system, Ekra’s portfolio captivates by diversity and scalability. Even within a model range, the printing system can be extended through a variety of clever options – at any time, depending on the need, everywhere, even in the field.

Large variety of parts thanks to the new tray logistics system from Asys Tecton

For the first time, a new tray logistics system is presented in combination with a high speed depaneling system. PARIO 1000 Flex buffers different trays and outputs them as needed. The system enables independent loading and unloading of trays during the manufacturing process, allowing efficient operation and simple and fast setup of the system.

Quick calibration increases productivity


Calibration plate with special drilling pattern in the Divisio depaneling system

A new calibration method for Divisio high-speed depaneling systems has been developed for perfect depaneling results. The Simplex user interface allows the operator to perform the calibration independently, easily and quickly. A so-called mapping method is used with the help of a calibration plate on which a special drilling pattern is applied. The entire calibration process is completed in less than ten minutes. There are no unnecessary downtimes, and the machine is quickly ready for use again.


High speed laser marking system, Insignum 2000, with new design and new features

Asys laser marking system shines in new splendor At the SMT, Asys presents the high-speed laser marking system Insignum 2000 with a new design and new features. The transformation of the system focused on a modern machine layout and a compact design. In addition, for better code and fiducial detection, the system received a 10 Mpx high-resolution camera. Now an optional RGB lighting can be installed, which optimally illuminates different colored circuit boards.

As the first Asys laser marking system with a new look, the Insignum 2000 takes on a groundbreaking role. A redesign of the entire Insignum series will follow to bring new glory to the production halls.

Visit Asys at the SMT in Hall 7, at Booth 441 and set out for the smart factory of the future.


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