Global SMT and Packaging presents Austin American Technology with the 2016 Editor’s Choice Award for the new Aqua Rose Batch Circuit Cleaner/Tester


Presented to Austin American Technology at SMTI 2016

Austin American Technology Corporation announces that it was awarded the 2016 Editor’s Choice Award from Global SMT & Packaging magazine for its Aqua RoseTM aqueous batch circuit board cleaner with an automatic “ROSE” (Resistance Of Solvent Extract) cleanliness tester. The award was presented to the company during a ceremony that took place in Chicago, Illinois at the Surface Mount Technology International trade show.

The Aqua RoseTM cleaner/tester is the first unit to successfully combine proven automatic cleaning, rinsing, and drying design with an automatic water based ROSE cleanliness tester. This allows a true cleanliness test to be performed every cycle without the need for an additional ROSE tester and thus eliminates the tester and the labor necessary to pull the sample, perform the test, and record the results. This saves capital, labor, floor space, and working with flammable extraction solvents like isopropyl alcohol.

The Aqua RoseTM batch cleaner has an amazingly small footprint of 82.55cm X 69.215cm (32.5” X 27.25”). The fluid delivery system utilizes three high energy coherent jet manifolds (top, middle and bottom) with two baskets 48.26 cm X 48.26 cm (19” X 19”) capable of holding over 50 circuits, 100mm X 150mm cards. The jet dryer surrounds the circuits with heated air to provide the fastest and most efficient drying available. The stainless cabinet and door comes with a viewing window and convenient storage access.

The Aqua RoseTM displays the results of every batch of circuits cleaned to the operator at the end of each cycle. These results include, cycle completed (pass/fail), DI rinse to conductance (pass/fail) and Rose test (pass/fail). These results along with the programmed and actual values are saved to a historical file with a time and date stamp. This data can be accessed and saved thru a standard USB port. The incorporation of an automatic Rose test totally eliminated the chance of improperly cleaned circuit escapes from the batch cleaner.

Front-loading batch cleaners and Ionic cleanliness testers have been available for over 30 years because Military and Industry Standards for Class 3 “High Reliability” electronics require both when cleaning prior to coating or sealing the final package. AAT’s Aqua RoseTM cleaner/tester allows both operations to be accomplished safely in one automatic unit saving capital, floor space, and labor.2016-award-image_2

Austin American Technology Corp. was the first equipment supplier in the electronics industry to offer a combined clean and test process in 2010 with the introduction of the Mega IonTM solvent cleaner. The Mega Ion cleans circuits in solvents or solvent water mixtures like isopropyl alcohol. The new Aqua Rose uses water instead of solvent to perform a ROSE test which is inherently safer. Both use detection and calibration algorithms set forth in IPC J STD-001 and TM-650 (method Mil-STD 454 and Mil-P-22809

Company President, Steve Stach commented “This new cleaning tool combines the cleaning power of our Aqua Therm batch cleaners and the ROSE cleanliness testing technology used in our MegaTM series solvent cleaners.” He went on to say, “This revolutionizes circuit cleaning in two ways. One, it eliminates complexity because we get rid of the labor and safety concerns required to perform a separate ROSE cleanliness verification, and two, we sleep better because we now get data on every batch of circuits cleaned preventing escapes of improperly processed circuits allowed by the previous single board sampling protocol.”

The 12th annual Global Technology Awards program is a celebration of product excellence in electronics surface mount assembly. Premier industry products are chosen by a distinguished panel of industry experts based on the finest examples of creative advancement in technology.


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