Good News Just in Time for the productronica trade fair: Special Coating Adds Colour to the PCB

 ALL COLOUR RECOGNITION – With a certificate of the independent test laboratory UL Peters present their coloured Elpemer® solder resist series on the World’s Leading Trade Fair productronica .

During the forthcoming trade fair productronica in Munich from 16 to 19 November 2021 Peters exclusively present their new certification ALL COLOUR RECOGNITION –  ACR – for the new generation of coloured Elpemer® solder resists. The ACR has been awarded by the US institution UL – Underwriters Laboratories. The independent test laboratories in Illinois, founded back in 1894, evaluates products with respect to their safety, in this particular case flammability was considered. The certification in the classification test UL 94 attests highest safety level V-0 with respect to flammability for the Elpemer® solder resists.

When applying the coloured coatings from this new generation product series, the customer can be sure that the lacquer will not continue to burn uncontrollably but extinguish rapidly. 

This might occur for example with household equipment in the event of a short-circuit when a pcb catches fire. But the Elpemer® safety standard has also stood the test in other application areas such as automotive, aerospace, consumer and industrial electronics, lighting and medical technology, communication electronics and solar technology. 

The UL product testing is based on the new conditioning, which includes six soldering cycles at 260 °C. Under these extreme conditions, the behaviour during and after the fire process is analyzed. Result: self-extinguishment, no further burning after removal of the flame, danger averted. 

So the Peters coloured coating systems made in Germany fulfil the current safety requirements. Furthermore the Elpemer® product series does not contain the harmful photoinitiators types 907 and 369. The user that decides to us a coloured Elpemer® solder resist receives best possible safety in connection to high-tech quality of special coatings. 

Further tests for other colours – irrespective of all possible colour shades black, blue, red („all colours“) – are not necessary; they are comprised in the UL certificate. The user thus saves time and money; the solder resist can immediately be used for any requested coating.  

“This is one of the advantages of this generation of solder resists which can be direct-imaged with highest accuracy and which thus enables very tight clearances on a pcb“ says Sven Kramer, who will present the ACR in connection with the UL certification on the World’s leading trade fair for Electronics Development and Production. The graduate engineer is head of applications engineering at Peters and also product manager for the Elpemer® series.

The “colour” factor in ACR makes an allusion to optics and design. In light reflection and color stability, the pcb appears radiant and of high-quality – for example in the end device behind Plexiglas®. Sven Kramer: “The colors are intense and have high opacity.” 

Conclusion: the triad “safe, environmentally friendly and aesthetically attractive” is fully achieved by the coloured fire-classified Elpemer® soldermask from Peters. 

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