Henkel wins Best Paper Award at IPC India Conference

With shrinking dimensions and increased function, the need for adaptable and effective thermal solutions to ensure electronics reliability is greater than ever before.  This indisputable reality was at the fore during Henkel’s paper presentation during the recent IPC India Conference, which took place alongside Electronica/Productronica India 2016.  In fact, the subject is so important that the paper, entitled “High Efficiency Liquid Gap Filler Materials”, earned the conference’s Best Paper Award.  


Henkel’s Holger Schuh presents the award-winning “High Efficiency Liquid Gap Filler Materials” paper at IPC India.


Accepting the award on behalf of Henkel was Holger Schuh, Henkel EIMEA Business Development Manager for Liquids and the paper’s author. Schuh, who has worked in the thermal materials market for over 25 years, notes the changing requirements for heat management that have been brought on by smaller, more complex product designs.  “The paper highlights the need for efficient thermal management solutions and, specifically, how liquid dispensed thermal materials are providing a viable alternative for applications where traditional pad-based thermal interface materials are not as effective,” he explains.  “With architectures that are not flat, the use of a liquid material allows better wet-out, lower contact resistance and improved thermal performance.  Plus, liquid thermal solutions facilitate an automated process for higher throughput, which is a significant consideration.”



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