HumiSeal® introduces new adhesives and encapsulation product lines

HumiSeal®, the leader in electronics protection, announces the global launch of Adhesives and Encapsulation Solutions. Both product lines are designed for a wide range of applications. These urethane, epoxy, and acrylate urethanes are formulated to provide protection against mechanical stresses, chemical attack, thermal excursions, and moisture ingress.

HumiSeal Adhesives are designed for applications that require structural integrity improvements with excellent adhesion to metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and others. Offering a wide range of flexibility, hardness, working life and various cure methods, HumiSeal Adhesives products demonstrate great durability with the benefit of easy application. These products consist of UV light-cured, two-part room temperature, and heat-accelerated solutions. Advantages of HumiSeal Adhesives include high-impact resistance, weight reduction properties, harsh chemical and thermal resistance, and prevention of moisture ingress.

HumiSeal Encapsulation Solutions are intended for complete or partial coverage of components. Available products offer a variety of viscosities and chemistry types including UV curable epoxy and acrylated urethanes as well as two-part polyurethanes and epoxies. HumiSeal’s innovative approach incorporates two-part UV light gellable material for extended pot life with fast cure time. With so many application possibilities HumiSeal Encapsulation Solutions product line will no doubt become the go-to source of materials for an array of fields: automotive, photovoltaics, LEDs, medical, and all varieties of electronic components.

HumiSeal Adhesives and Encapsulation Solutions cover a majority of applications; however, our innovative design capabilities allow for the creation of unique offerings where such demands are required. The new Adhesives and Encapsulation Solutions are available globally either directly from HumiSeal or via our channel partners.

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Commenting on these new product lines, Keith Waryold, VP of Industrial Material and Technology, said,

“As we continue to innovate enabling solutions in the protection of sensitive electronic and industrial assemblies, HumiSeal has and will continue to leverage the strengths and depth of our current technology to create a set of proven offerings that many of our customers continue to request. The new Adhesives and Encapsulation Solutions are just one example of our R&D efforts”.


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