Indium Corporation features Indium3.2HF solder paste for fine feature printing at SEMICON Taiwan

Indium Corporation will feature its Indium3.2HF Solder Paste at SEMICON Taiwan 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan.

Indium Corporation’s Indium3.2HF is an air or nitrogen reflow, water-soluble solder paste specifically formulated for fine feature printing applications (Type 6SG).

Indium3.2HF is formulated to offer consistent, repeatable printing performance combined with a long stencil life. In addition, Indium3.2HF delivers:

Good response-to-pause
Wide reflow profile window
Outstanding slump resistance
Excellent wetting capability
Superior fine-pitch soldering ability
From water-soluble solder pastes to ultra-low residue, no-clean fluxes, Indium Corporation has an industry-proven portfolio of products that meet the current and evolving challenges encountered in fine-pitch SiP applications.

For more information on Indium Corporation’s materials for SiP or Indium3.2HF Solder Paste, go to or visit Indium Corporation’s booth 2412.


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