Indium Corporation features WS-575-C ball-attach flux at Microelectronics Tech Asia Singapore

Indium Corporation will feature its WS-575-C Ball-Attach Flux at Microelectronics Tech Asia Singapore, July 4-5, 2017 in Singapore.

Indium Corporation’s WS-575-C Ball-Attach Flux is halogen-compliant (“no-intentionally-added” halogens) and designed as a true one-step ball-attach process for Cu OSP substrates. WS-575-C eliminates many assembly issues, such as missing ball, weak joints, and voiding.

WS-575-C can be completely cleaned using room temperature deionized (DI) water, significantly reducing the costs of heating water.

For more information on WS-575-C Ball-Attach Flux , visit or visit Indium Corporation at booth 14.


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