Inovaxe Gives a Glimpse into New Storage Technology Launches at SMTAI

Inovaxe, a world leader and provider of innovative material handling and inventory control systems, will exhibit during the SMTA International Exposition, scheduled to take place Nov. 3-4, 2021, at the Minneapolis Convention Center in Minneapolis, MN.  The company plans to debut new storage technology and showcase its SREX700 Smart Rack, SR200 Smart Rack and MODI Table in Booth #3307. 

The Inovaxe team announced plans to debut a new Android device with its own InoAuto mobile application and integrated barcode scanner. Using this device, users will be able to add and pick parts from anywhere in their facility. Additionally, the company plans to introduce its new wireless communication boxes that utilize a mesh network between the carts, bypassing Wi-Fi connections. This lessens the requirement for additional controllers, especially in large installations and especially when paired with the new InoAuto mobile device. 

The SREX Smart Racks are Inovaxe’s highest density storage option, storing up to 880 reels in only 2.5 ft2. These racks are stationary, so they are perfect for stockrooms, supermarkets, and other permanent storage locations. The SREX racks are easily configurable, modular and cost-effective, while delivering the same lean benefits of the IA and SR series. Multiple racks can be daisy chained to one controller to increase storage capacity.

The SR Series Smart Racks store up to 560 reels in about 3 ft2. The Smart Racks are easily configurable, modular and cost-effective, while delivering the same lean benefits of the IA series. Daisy-chain multiple Smart Racks together on one controller to increase capacity or use a battery to make them mobile. 

Both racks can accommodate reels 7”-15” in diameter and 8-56mm in width and can be customized to include storage for other types of components – tubes, trays, mechanical parts and more.

The MODI Incoming Goods Scanner eliminates receiving errors by automatically scanning, labeling, and receiving your incoming material. Incoming packages are scanned with MODI’s patented cameras, the package details are read into the system from the manufacturer label, a new internal label is generated, and with integrations this material can be automatically received into customer ERP systems. MODI reads all label types from manufacturers, including text-only fields with their OCR option. MODI saves an image of every incoming package for total and complete traceability and integrates seamlessly with Inovaxe’s smart storage. 

Combined with Inovaxe’s easy-to-use InoAuto software, Inovaxe standalone racks can streamline SMT operations, reducing line down occurrences and eliminating operator errors. With various integration options, Inovaxe’s Smart Storage Solutions can help close the loop between systems, automate data-entry, and eliminate the black hole of WIP.


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