INSPECTIS Offers Full Range of Extended Working Distance (EWD) Cameras in FHD and UHD (4K)

INSPECTIS now offers a full range of extended working distance (EWD) cameras, thereby making it possible to inspect objects up to 1.2m (47.2”) wide. Additionally, this feature is available in 4K as well, because all variants of the EWD are available with either INSPECTIS’ exceptional 4K UHD or superior quality FHD cameras. All are supplied with 30x optical zoom and typically provide 24x magnification (24”monitor) with the 500mm variants.
Inspectis XWD.jpg

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, stated, “A key advantage of video microscope inspection is the long working distance available, typically more than 200mm (nearly 8”), when compared to an optical microscope at the same magnification. A benefit of this greatly extended working distance is that it makes these cameras ideal for mounting above the working area, enabling an uncluttered environment.”

“Not all inspection requires very high magnification,” Alistair continues, “and sometimes the challenge is to look at a very large object and take it all in, for example, a large-area or panelized PCB.”

Inspectis offers camera models with nominal 500mm or 1000mm working distances, and both offer a broad band of operating distance range either side of the nominal. “In practice,” he adds, “objects greater than 600mm in size can be viewed with the 500mm models, and with the 1000mm models, effectively inspecting objects greater than 1m in size is possible.”

Cameras and support stands and mounts can be configured to provide maximum flexibility and ease of use; for example, INSPECTIS’ HD-060-EXT stand for the 500mm camera models enables side mounting of the camera and an unblocked direct view of the monitor for great ergonomics. For more information, visit, and visit INSPECTIS in Booth #2132 at IPC/APEX 2019 in San Diego.


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