Insulectro Displays Komodo Medical Sleeve at IDTechEx Show

Insulectro, the largest distributor of PCB and printed electronics materials, will showcase Komodo Technologies remarkable AIO Compression Sleeve before it enters the marketplace at IDTechEx’s Printed Electronics World 2016 conference, November 16-17, in Santa Clara, CA at the Convention Center in Booth i22.

Insulectro Printed Electronics offers advanced materials from such leading suppliers such as DuPont, Chromaline, Coveme, and Kodak in the areas of conductive inks, substrates, and consumables.

The AIO (”all-in-one”) smart sleeve is a first in vital systems monitoring by use of a sports compression sleeve and a smart phone. The sleeve is manufactured by Komodo Technologies in Winnipeg Canada. It’s capabilities include 24/7 Monitoring of:

  • ECG/EKG – monitor electrical activity of heart status
  • Heart rate (beats/minute) utilizing optical sensors
  • Blood oximetry – person’s oxygen saturation SO2
  • Body temperature
  • Air quality
  • UV sensor
  • Barometric pressure
  • Sleep analysis
  • Intensity of Activity

Insulectro Printed Electronics Product Specialist Dr. David D’Ambra commented, “You’ll also be one of first to see, first-hand, Komodo Technologies brand-new AIO Smart Sleeve that’s about to hit the market. This is the World’s first activity monitoring compression sleeve with 24/7 monitoring of ECG and EKG functions – a miracle of printed electronics ingenuity.

“Inherent in the manufacture of the sleeve are several advanced DuPont inks designed for wearables,” D’Ambra added.

“DuPont PE873 stretchable Ag is printed on a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film supplied by Bemis Associates. The printed film allows Komodo to integrate a conductor trace into their sleeve and make the garment machine washable.

“The stretchable Ag is used to connect 2 ECG/EKG electrodes – one is a copper electrode which is integrated into a device located over the wrist & another one, which is located under the armpit, utilizes a standard EKG electrode with hydrogel,” D’Ambra concluded.

Insulectro distributes key DuPont polymer thick film paste products to U.S. customers in the wearables, capacitive switch, touch screen, RFID smart card, heating and membrane touch switch markets. In addition, Insulectro Printed Electronics distributes carbon conductors and UV dielectrics on behalf of DuPont.

Kevin Miller, Vice President of Sales for Insulectro Printed Electronics, commented, “The Komodo AIO Smart Sleeve is one of the more exciting things to see at Printed Electronics World and it features DuPont inks distributed by Insulectro Printed Electronics. Insulectro is a one-source supplier for PE manufacturers with our complete offerings of essential and cutting edge materials. With 10 stocking locations throughout North America, we are where our customers are.

Miller added, “Stop by our booth, i22, at IDTechEx’s Printed Electronics World 2016 and discover what Insulectro Printed Electronics can do for you.”

About Insulectro

Insulectro is the largest supplier of PCB and PE materials. Insulectro combines its premier product offering with local inventory in strategic stocking locations across the country, fabrication capabilities and backed up by expert customer and technical support services.

Insulectro supplies advanced engineered materials manufactured by DuPont Advanced Materials, Kodak, Chromaline, 3M, Coveme, DuPont Circuit & Packaging Materials, Isola, LCOA, CAC, Inc., Integral Technology, Pacothane, Oak Mitsui, Shikoku, Saint Gobain, and Focus Tech Chemicals.


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