Internet of Manufacturing Forum – Announce their Next Sponsor Trego Integrated Systems

Global SMT & Packaging and Scoop are delighted to announce that their next sponsor, to add to an already incredibly impressive industry line-up, for this year’s Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) is Trego Integration Systems.

With 50+ years’ experience in industry; Trego Integrated Systems is the only consulting organization to have successfully developed and implemented integrated manufacturing, equipment automation, process and supply chain traceability systems in the semiconductor industry.

“We are delighted to welcome Trego Integrated Systems as a sponsor” Trevor Galbraith, Editor-in-Chief, Global SMT & Packaging stated. There is still a long journey ahead for most electronics companies adopting Industry 4.0 standards and processes.  When one takes a road trip into unfamiliar territory, they need a map to know which road to take and how to get to their final destination quickly and safely.  Our speaker from Trego Integrated Systems will discuss how to make this journey less daunting, how to take the lead and gain competitive edge, whilst understanding the benefits and value of transparency and traceability throughout this expedition.

About IoM

Global SMT & Packaging and Scoop are central to the Industry 4.0 debate, which is why they are joining forces to host IoM 2016, to be held at The Tech Museum, San Jose, CA on May 12th 2016.  IoM, or the Internet of Manufacturing, links everything, not only on the shop floor, but also up and down the supply chain.  The relentless drive for innovation within the electronics industry has accelerated the need for IoM, and for a smart connected factory.

The event will focus on:

  • Emerging trends and technologies in IoM and Industry 4.0
  • IoM and the supply chain
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Connectivity and smart factory solutions
  • Software platforms and interfaces
  • The right level of data to tap intelligence
  • Connecting the factory floor to the consumer’s door

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About Trego Integrated Systems

Trego Integrated Systems’ team is the only successful developer and implementer of integrated manufacturing, equipment automation, process and supply chain traceability systems in the semiconductor industry. Our program management expertise can guide the development of documentation to understand the customer’s total requirements, identify appropriate alternative solutions, and drive the development and implementations. Teaming with your internal experts, our experience is passed on to the customer by avoiding the many “landmines” and shortening the learning curve, saving both real dollars as well as the frustrations of rework and/or redirection of the programs.

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