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USB 3.0 Connector

USB 3.0 ConnectorThe new USB 3.0 connector is used for the precise, low-wear contacting of digital USB high-speed plug connectors and can reliably transmit gross data rates of 5Gbit/s. The connector has a 9-pole test plug with floating mount to allow floating assembly. This enables optimal alignment at the plug connector. Mounting tolerances are balanced out, and side loads caused by misalignment during contact are avoided. USB 2.0 plug connectors can also be reliably contacted with the new USB 3.0 connector. Further innovative products can be found on our homepage and in our catalogue. Don’t miss our manual test fixture series MA-20xx, MA-21xx and MA-32xx. Please contact us for further information. Technical changes possible without prior notification. Features: –– Precise, low-wear contacting –– Reliable data transmission –– Floating assembly –– Also suitable for contacting USB 2.0 plug connectors –– Outstanding life span

USB 3.0 Connector

INGUN Marking Units – the most attractive, comprehensive packageINGUN Marking Units – the most attractive, comprehensive package

– Best marking results – Highest wear resistance – Best positioning – Largest variety of units In the product benchmark from Jan’ 2016 the quality and performance features of the three electrically operated marking units found on the market were systematically analyzed and comparatively qualified in a product analysis. In addition to the mechanical and electrical performance, the quality of the design, the delivery and the costs were also considered. The results were rated on a scale from 1 (best) to 6 (worst) and summarized in a strengths/weaknesses chart. Benchmark report on request! INGUN Marker are used in industrial testing to mark “good” tested PCBs with a permanent marking (circle). The marker precisely mounted in a test fixture, requires minimum space. Features: – Compact, robust – Precise, infinite positioning – High stability & wear resistance – Electrically or pneumatically operated – Permanent marking of various material surfaces

INGUN Marking Units – the most attractive, comprehensive package

Interchangeable Kit WS SPEA/3030
Interchangeable Kit WS SPEA/3030

INGUN Interchangeable Kit WS SPEA/3030 for SPEA 3030 Test Systems The robust interchangeable kit WS SPEA/3030 is designed for usa-ge in SPEA 3030 test systems. It is composed of the interchangeable kit bottom part (WSU) and the interchangeable kit top part (WSO), which is available with a 15 mm pressure frame plate made of ESD-compatible Plexiglas. The kit features a robust design with aluminum frames, a bend-resistant FR4 probe plate, as well as and ESD compatible, precision-guided pressure frame plate. In addition, the kit has a two-part, floating mounted test system interface with stiffener bars and start-up kit as optional extras.

Kit WS SPEA/3030


Find a suitable product with the new product finder for every test requirement. Standard products already featured in print media such as INGUN catalogs can now all be found online. With the new website, INGUN offers data sheets or product information for every product online and is therefore the best place for customers to learn about INGUN´s extensive range of test equipment. The product finder is the heart of the new website. With the user-friendly filter function, customers can easily limit results using various options. Furthermore, there is a free text search option to find the right product. In addition to the product finder, the website offers much more. INGUN have generated a completely new look with a modern feel featuring new product and corporate image pictures. Improved site navigation as well as an extensive download area, including free text search and filter options, also make the site incredibly user friendly.

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