Kurtz Ersa holds Selective/Wave Solder Process Seminar in Guadalajara, MX

Kurtz Ersa North America, a supplier of electronics production equipment, recently held its first process seminar at its new facility in Guadalajara. The local seminar allowed surrounding customers to attend and advance their knowledge and understanding about why selecting a proper flux for the specific process they are using is so important. Customers also learned how to use their selective soldering machines to their fullest capabilities to produce defect free PCBs even with large variations in assembly thicknesses, thermal masses, and component restrictions.ersa-guadalajara-process-seminar-nov-16

Representatives from Kester and Kurtz Ersa provided insight about the differences in fluxes used for selective soldering and wave soldering, and what properties can be beneficial or harmful when used in the different processes. This seminar also provided information about advanced techniques for fluxing, preheating, and soldering difficult PCBs in a selective soldering process to optimize solder quality and cycle time combinations.

The new technology center is providing equipment demonstrations, training classes and seminars on regular basis. Spare parts distribution for Mexican customers is now provided there as well.




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