SMT Hybrid Packaging 2018 Panel Debate VIDEOS


9:00AM June 5th, 6th & 7th
Live@SMT Hybrid Packaging
Trevor Galbraith, Editor-in-Chief, will be discussing SMT Hybrid Packaging highlights of the day.


10:00AM Tuesday, June 5th
Smart Factory Integration
Who is already implementing Industry 4.0 practices, what quality and yield improvements have they made and what have they learned?

10:30AM Tuesday, June 5th
Is The Industry Ready for Artificial Intelligence?
Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their methods to avoid detection. How can manufacturers combat this growing menace and where does the liability lie? Is it with the originator, the distributor or the assembler?


10:00AM Wednesday, June 6th
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Void Reduction
It is widely accepted that successful void reduction is best achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach of alloy, flux, soldering methodologies. This panel will discuss the merits of each and some of the latest techniques.

10:30AM Wednesday, June 6th
Integrated Test Methodologies – Making X-Ray Intelligent
SPI and AOI play a central role in M2M communication and process optimization. They also play a significant role in post-reflow test. This panel will discuss a successful “Design for test strategy”.


10:00AM Thursday, June 7th
Will Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Change The Face of EMS manufacturing?
AR and VR are already being employed to view hidden parts of the manufacturing process. They also have great potential for training and maintenance. The panel will examine other potential applications on the manufacturing line and how they could be used to optimize manpower on the factory floor.

10:30AM Thursday, June 7th
Stencils and Avoiding Printing Defects?
The print process still accounts for 60-70% of all defects. What best practices can manufacturers implement to minimize defects and errors in the print process? Insufficient paste, beading, paste types and storage, cleaning cycles and methodologies, step stencil production and more will be discussed with this expert panel.



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