LIVE Panel Discussions from 2017 SMTA International in the Exhibit Hall Theater on Sept 19th & 20th

You are invited to the Exhibit Hall Theater!

Global SMT & Packaging will be hosting a number of in-depth PANEL DISCUSSIONS related to topics included at SMTAi Conference at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL from September 19 – 21st. Moderated by Trevor Galbraith, Editor-in-Chief

Failure analysis challenges and techniques
Tuesday, September 19th at 10:10AM CST in the EXHIBIT HALL THEATER
Failure analysis labs often reveal valuable lessons for manufacturers as failures often manifest themselves months later, whilst in the field. This panel will discuss some of the most common causes of field failures and how to minimize or eliminate them.

Panelists: Mark McMeen (STI), Martin Anselm (Rochester Institute), Cheryl Tulkoff (National Instruments)

Mark McMeen (STI)
Martin Anselm (Rochester Institute)
Cheryl Tulkoff (National Instruments)



Optimizing oven dynamics – the next step in ‘smart factory’ automation
Tuesday, September 19th at 4:15PM CST in the EXHIBIT HALL THEATER
Controlling the thermal process has never been more critical as board geometries continue to shrink and the number of coating and materials increases. Extracting and translating oven data into ‘smart factory’ software systems is a critical element. This panel will discuss these issues and how operators can make best use of current equipment and plan for future requirements.

Panelists: MB Allen (KIC), David Heller (Heller), Paul Lancaster (BTU)

MB Allen (KIC)
David Heller (Heller)
Paul Lancaster (BTU)



Cleaning and cleanliness testing
Wednesday, September 20th at 10:10AM CST in the EXHIBIT HALL THEATER
ROSE testing is the most common form of cleanliness testing, but many cleaning experts prefer to use SIR testing to verify board cleanliness. This panel will discuss the merits and disadvantages of these and other cleanliness testing systems.

Panelists: Mike Bixenman (KYZEN), Steve Stach (Austin American), Graham Naisbitt (GEN 3), Lothar Henneken (Robert Bosch)

Mike Bixenman (KYZEN)
Steve Stach (Austin American)
Graham Naisbitt (GEN 3)
Lothar Henneken (Robert Bosch)



Bringing Industry 4.0 to the high-mix factory environment
Wednesday, September 20th at 3:15PM CST in the EXHIBIT HALL THEATER
The ‘smart factory’ revolution is not limited to the large high-volume manufacturers. This panel will discuss what steps small- to medium-sized manufacturers can make to optimize their equipment and processes and develop an Industry 4.0 led strategy.

Panelists: Sean Murray (Panasonic), Jeff Timms (ASM), Mitch Decaire (Cogiscan)

Sean Murray (Panasonic)
Jeff Timms (ASM)
Mitch Decaire (Cogiscan)


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Wednesday, September 20th
8:00AM CST @

  • Tuesday, September 19th Show Roundup
  • ‘Failure analysis challenges and techniques’
  • ‘Optimizing oven dynamics – the next step in ‘smart factory’

Thursday, September 21th
8:00AM CST @

  • Wednesday, September 20th Show Roundup
  • ‘Cleaning and cleanliness testing’
  • ‘Bringing Industry 4.0 to the high-mix factory environment’



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