SMTA International 2016 Live Panel debates: September 27th and September 28th

At SMTAi Editor-in-Chief of Global SMT & Packaging, the industry leader in Live video programming with their weekly Global Electronics Report now attracting weekly audiences of more than 4,000+ viewers, Trevor Galbraith will moderate a series of expert panel discussions on a range of topics related to process issues and challenges  

Tuesday, September 27th – 2:45 till 3:15pm
(Booth 1023)

The future of electronics factory automation
Electronics factory automation is a dynamic space. The industry is still pursuing a standard to help level the playing field, but in the meantime, many major companies such as Panasonic, Yamaha, ASM Assembly Systems and JUKI are pursuing their own strategies to optimize assembly lines. This panel discussion will discuss the current position, what EMS manufacturers should be doing to prepare and implement a factory automation strategy and the alternatives from each vendor and their merits. Panelists to invite: Panasonic, Aegis, Yamaha, JUKI

Tuesday, September 27th – 3:30 till 4:00pm
(Booth 1023)

Voiding – how big a problem is it and how to avoid it.

Voiding is a critical reliability issue. There is an increasing variety of methods to mitigate and virtually eliminate voids from BGA’s. This panel will discuss the different methods available and their merits. • Vacuum soldering • Ultrasonic soldering • Flux management Panelists to invite: Alpha, Indium, ERSA, SEHO

Wednesday, September 28th – 1:30 till 2:00pm
(Booth 1023)
Inspection – how important is metrology in 2D and 3D inspection?
PCBA inspection has come a long way in the past 10 years, but the landscape is changing and miniaturization and other challenges are making inspection much more complex. This panel discussion will bring together a team of experts to discuss the current and emerging challenges • increasing miniaturization • Shadowing • Vibration • Sensor science • Predictive instructions using metrology Panelists to invite: MIRTEC, SAKI, CyberOptics, TRI

Wednesday, September 28th – 2:15 till 2:45pm
(Booth 1023)

Rework and repair – challenges
Reworking PCB assemblies is becoming increasing challenging. This expert panel will discuss some of the techniques and processes for dealing with: • Miniaturisation • Higher temperature materials • Conformally coated boards and devices • Sensitive devices Panelists: STI Microelectronics, Metcal, Promation, ERSA


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