Low cost nibbler for singulating tab routed boards

Cleanly singulate standard and flex circuit panels without dust.

Singulating tab routed printed circuit cards in low to medium volume production quantities is safe and easy with the N100 Nibbler from FKN Systek. Blades are available in standard thicknesses of .120”, .093” and . 062”. Custom sizes to match the width of the routed section can be ground. Tabs are cut cleanly on each side so that no further clean up is required to remove excess material, as is often the case when using hand tools or when breaking the panels manually. In addition, since only one tab is cut at a time, minimal stress is imparted to the board during the process as the panel is not pressed between two points during the cut.

The N100 is provided with a quick connect pneumatic port which plugs directly into factory air (80-100 PSI). Stepping on a foot pedal activates the cutting process. The excess material from the tab is stored inside a compartment of the tool and can be easily removed at the convenience of the operator. To see a video of the N100 and other depaneling methods go to fknsystek.com.

The Sharp Blade support dies of the N100 provide a clean shearing action, ideal for singulating one tab at atimeonFlexCircuitboards.Thisistheperfecttoolforlowvolumesingulationofavarietyof flexcircuit and standard PCBs built on a rectangular pattern.

Come by booth 2922 at APEX in San Diego to see the N100, as well as our full line of depaneling equipment for pre-scored and tab routed printed circuit cards.

For more information see our home page at fknsystek.com, call Werner Christ at 508 376 2500 or E Mail fkn@fknsystek.com


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