MacDermid Alpha Presents Solder Paste Solutions for PV Cell Interconnection at EU PVSEC Conference

The Assembly Division of MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronics soldering and bonding materials, will present the paper “Solder Paste for Interconnecting Structured Ribbons on the Back Side of the c-Si Cells” at the upcoming virtual European PV Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition which takes place from the 6th-10th September 2021.

PV cell interconnection with structured ribbons is usually achieved by electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) or conductive films, however both these methods have limitations. In the paper “Solder Paste for Interconnecting Structured Ribbons on the Back Side of the c-Si Cells”, Narahari S. Pujari, Senior Global Technology Manager – PV at MacDermid Alpha, will present two novel solder pastes as alternative methods for interconnecting structured ribbons. 

“The use of solder pastes for interconnecting structured ribbons offers many advantages over ECAs including higher reliability, lower voiding, improved thermal and electrical conductivity as well as being a lower cost alternative” comments Narahari. “This paper will examine solder paste as an alternative joining material taking into account properties such as bonding strength, reliability, electrical and mechanical, printing, voiding, microstructure, and fast reflowing.”

Narahari will present on Monday 6th September during the Innovative Approaches for Module Concepts Oral Presentations from 17:00-18:30 CEST.

To register for the conference please visit the EU PVSEC website.

For more information on MacDermid Alpha’s range of assembly solutions for Photovoltaic applications please visit


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