Machines for Thermal Processes

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 1.57.28 PMThe HTT product line from company SMT Maschinen- und Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG deals with thermal process systems which are especially designed for drying, gluing, curing and preparing for the temperature function test. Because of the modular concept in connection with the possible implementation of customer-specific requirements for production processes, the systems are predestined for modern, fully automated production lines.

SMT HTT The HTT proves extremely flexible with regard to its modular machine concept. The system can be tailored individually to suit every type of application, demands and requests. For anyone who knows SMT technology, it goes without saying that the HTT has perfect heat transfer properties (convection or a combination of convection and IR radiators) and excellent energy efficiency ratings. The unique fan units (gas-tight and maintenance-free) are just one feature to save energy. The highly accurate machine parameters and top process reliability make the HTT the ideal equipment.

SMT Quattro Peak L In reflow soldering systems SMT has assumed a pathfinder role since 1993. Already in 1997, the first Quattro Peak set new standards in reflow soldering: “slot nozzles” and “double peak” (both patented) are directly linked with the name of SMT. The cooling concept of SMT systems stands out from the crowd with its standard cooling zone (up to 5 cooling stages), the innovative cooling zone with real time monitoring and the power cooling package. The cooling concept delivers a number of unique advantages to maximize cooling efficiency, keep maintenance to a minimum and gives another level of quality control within the reflow process. Visit us in Las Vegas at exhibition IPC Apex Booth #3006 from March 15 – 17,2016 ! For more information:


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