Many innovations for the Smart Factory

For productronica 2017, November 14-17, Munich fair ground, ASM has announced a strong focus on the Smart Factory. The SMT equipment supplier and technology leader will be addressing electronics manufacturers’ most current challenges: three different ASM production lines and various expert stations will feature many innovations designed to drive automation and integration on the SMT shop floor. Following the motto „SMT Smart Network: Your Check-In to the Smart Factory“, ASM invites show visitors to get inspired by visionary electronics productions from all over the world and join the SMT Smart Network – a globe-spanning competence network of electronics manufacturers, solutions partners, ASM distributors and ASM teams. The show booth features matching solutions: ASM will display smart, comprehensive tool and system chains for multiple line and factory workflows. Gabriela Reckewerth, Senior Director Global Marketing at ASM explains: “The Smart Factory is changing how we in the industry work together and ideally advise our manufacturers. Powerful, state-of-the-art hardware naturally is a prerequisite. What is more, we also have to understand and be able to support our customers’ individual production concepts. Depending on the production environment, we have to realize flexible changeover processes, highest demands for placement quality, a more efficient material flow or new approaches to operator guidance or remote support. At productronica, we are showing complete ASM solutions for each of these workflows.”

At productronica 2017, ASM focuses its trade fair presentation on the Smart Factory.

ASM’s show booth at this year’s productronica in Munich, November 14-17, will be featuring three production lines for different applications and production types. Moreover, there will be a number of expert stations dedicated to typical workflows such as setup preparation and material management, which have been designed to reflect real smart SMT factories. “We are not just showing singular machines, but interconnected solutions chains. This way, our visitors can recognize their daily production challenges and be inspired,” says Reckewerth.

Line solutions for highest flexibility, speed and complex Advanced Packaging applications The ASM Speed-Line will combine the enormous placement performance of the new, further advanced SIPLACE TX series with the expert system ASM ProcessExpert and DEK NeoHorizon printers. The new SIPLACE TX can be equipped with both the fast SIPLACE Speedstar and the SIPLACE Multistar, which can switch between three placement modes. The Flex-Line has the SIPLACE SX showing off its broad utilizability, also supported by the ASM ProcessExpert and the DEK NeoHorizon. At this line, the SIPLACE TwinHead has a great new feature for odd-shaped components: it can now pick up two components with a diagonal of up to 70.2 mm at once.

The third line at the ASM booth centers around the SIPLACE CA and features modules for areas such as die attach, encapsulation, singulation and wafer level packaging & test. It addresses the rapidly growing Advanced Packaging market segment. The complete solution excels at mixed placement of components picked directly from the wafer and classic SMT components, with high levels of precision and productivity. Software improvements also allow for reliable tracking of picks/re-picks from the wafer and automatic target-actual-comparison of the mounted vacuum tooling.

At its Munich site, ASM also invites visitors to the ASM In-house show at the SMT Center of Competence.

Innovations for every SMT workflow
“There is no one true path to the Smart SMT Factory. Instead we have learned that every electronics manufacturer has their own approach, their own focus topic to begin their journey,” says Gabriela Reckewerth. “That could be automating your material flow or establishing a virtual factory in order to improve production planning and machine utilization. ASM has developed innovations for each of these workflows.”

One of these innovations: DEK Offline Printer Programming. Electronics manufacturers can use ASM Studio to create complete printing programs offline via wizard. They can be stored alongside the placement data in the SIPLACE Pro database. The advantage: during offline programming the printer, which represents a bottleneck for many productions and products, can be used productively. New as well: ASM Command Center. The software collects all events at the SMT line and forwards them to monitors or mobile devices such as VR glasses or smart watches. Operators do not have to pace the line because notifications can only be checked at the respective machine. Furthermore all events are interpreted; the program proposes actions and directs the operators to where they have to go. Jobs are listed in an optimized order, number and duration of line stops are minimized.

Open collaboration in a global expert network
“Electronics manufacturers will only be able to realize smart factories if they can collaborate in an open manner with partners and equipment suppliers. Integration of and information exchange between all machines in an SMT line is one essential step. This is why the Hermes Standard was brought to life in 2017. The response was fantastic. During productronica more notable equipment makers are going to join the consortium, and the first machines will be ready to use the Hermes Standard. We also want to invite our visitors to join the SMT Smart Network and learn from smart factory trailblazers,” Reckewerth explains.

In-depth presentations at the ASM In-house show
As in previous years, ASM also invites electronics manufacturers to its Munich site during productronica. Away from the show grounds, at the Munich SMT Center of Competence, the next steps and innovations on ASM’s roadmap take center stage and highlight topics from Productronica are further explained with live demos and presentations.


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