Martin Westerberg will be at both IPC Hand Soldering Competitions to answer questions about Optilia systems

Yesterday we sent you a press release announcing that Optilia Instruments will provide M20x Full HD Free Sight digital video inspection systems for IPC-sponsored hand soldering competitions this month (April) at electronics industry trade events in Sweden and in Germany – at the S.E.E. – Scandinavian Electronics Event, Stockholm Kistamässan, April 19-21, and at at the SMT Hybrid Packaging show in Nuremberg, Germany, April 26 – 28 (“Optilia Providing Full HD Video Inspection for IPC Hand Soldering Competitions This Month”).

Martin Westerberg from Optilia Instruments will actually be present at both venues to answer any questions that observers or participants may have about the systems. The fact that he will be at both events wasn’t stated in the press release – we all missed it. Please update the announcement in your publications accordingly, thank you!


Michael L. Martel

MMC, Inc.



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