‘Maximal efficiency in minimal space’ at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016

IW S151 RO InlineEUTECT GmbH, the Swabian solution provider in packaging and connection technology, invites you to this year’s SMT Hybrid Packaging in Nuremberg for talks and to exchange news in matters of ‘We create connections’. In addition to individual modules, EUTECT GmbH is exhibiting a series of applications that make clear how solutions-oriented and effective current tasks from the soldering process can be implemented.

Trade-show participation is held under the motto ‘We create connections’. ‘For us — EUTECT GmbH — this motto isn’t just a marketing slogan, it’s our corporate philosophy. We don’t just establish connections in electronics with our products; we also commit ourselves to quite close connections with our customers through these projects. Together we develop efficient solutions with which our customers can offer unique services. Through these solutions our customers can offer an added value that, for its part, leads in turn to a strong relationship with their end customers’, explains Matthias Fehrenbach, managing director of EUTECT GmbH.

Modular soldering automation from EUTECT is based on EUTECT’s module construction kit, which with its intelligent control technology and software modules enables product-specific soldering systems to be adaptively and highly efficiently configured. Solutions that render maximal, always reproducible quality possible are developed on minimal area.

IW1 S150 ErgoTrue to the maxim ‘solution competency beyond the standard’, robots, for instance, are built into appropriate system combinations overhead in order to exploit the system’s very compact area to the maximum. Belt returns can also be integrated without further ado thanks to this configuration option. Using EUTECT EuRoC software modules, robots from Mitsubishi in such configurations are moved and programmed in the simplest way when new products run over the belt or are inserted via ergonomic, cycle-time-optimized, freely configurable input areas.

EUTECT GmbH will also exhibit a large portion of its soldering-process modules at SMT 2016. These can be freely integrated and combined with a multitude of additional modules from the process-preparation area, quality assurance, and kinematics. ‘Trade-show goers thus obtain detailed insight into the process solutions that we’re able to offer. We can more or less develop product-specific, optimal processes with the customer at the trade-show stand that define the right automation and predict the result as well as the output via a subsequent internal process evaluation in the EUTECT technical centre’, explains Fehrenbach.

The EUTECT technical centre at the site in Dusslingen makes miniwave-, laser-, thermode-, induction-, and piston-soldering process available for feasibility studies and small-batch soldering. Thus process evaluations can be conducted close to production and with the original processes.
The customer can access far more than twenty years of soldering experience during process determination.

‘There’s moreover also something to celebrate this year’, remarks Fehrenbach further. The development of the first EUTECT module construction kit is also being celebrated in addition to the company’s twentieth anniversary. ‘We’re warmly inviting our customers to a toast with us on the trade-show stand. We’ve experienced a lot with our customers in the last twenty years, and it’s always nice to compare notes about completed projects too’, explains Fehrenbach.

The same also goes for the many co-operation partners. ‘As a mid-sized company it’s important for us to work together in a strong network with partners. So SMT is ideal, because many of our partners exhibit here or visit the trade show. Thus in a short time we can engage in a lot of valuable discussions that help us to be able to offer our customers even better solutions in future’, says Fehrenbach, concluding his trade-show perspective.

EUTECT GmbH can be found at SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 in Hall A7 at stand 456.


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