Mini SWASH – Innovated cleaning machine from PBT Works on NEPCON

Mini SWASH I innovatedSIA_previewPBT Works, producer of wide range of cleaning and printing machine for electronics industry, has renamed one from its outstanding systems. Mini SWASH is new name of well proven cleaning machine STENCILCLEAN SIA. Mini SWASH represents basic solution for cleaning of metal/plastic stencils, misprints and PCBA, while Super SWASH fulfils the highest demands on the cleaning process.

Mini SWASH uses double motoric driven manifold (arms) with spray nozzle and air knife system which ensures direct cleaning effect. Synchronously moving of spray arms minimizes tension of cleaned stencil and prolongs its lifetime.

Mini SWASH brings both new innovation of existing machine and further new type Mini SWASH III for low/middle volume of PCBA cleaning. The machine is equipped by dual DI water closed loop filtration which increases rinse capacity and prolongs lifetime of filters. Zero Drain system ensures ecological process and minimizes demands on external connection. New software and fixing system makes easier operation. Machine could be equipped by traceability of cleaned products and rinse heating to accelerate complete cleaning process.

You can see the cleaning machine Mini SWASH together Super SWASH at show NEPCON South China 2016. The products will be on display on stand 1N10 Zestron China.


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