Mirae MAI odd part insertion machine introduced to the North American market.

Apex Factory Automation introduced the new Mirae MAI machine to the North American Market at the IPC Expo February 14-16th in San Diego.

The Mirae MAI is a flexible hybrid machine which uses SMT Mounter technology to perform odd part insertion and placement. Its unique features include lead straightness inspection of thru hole parts before placement into the PCB via laser (preventing scrap parts and boards.) It also features a post placement component insertion verification using it’s unique ZHMD laser system. The MAI can feed bulk parts via vibratory bowl, or packaged parts in stick, SMT tape, and tray as well as both axial and radial tape and reel leaded components. Customized Gripper nozzles are available for all types of parts up 55mm tall, and the MAI can place standard SMT parts at high speed.

The response at the recent IPC Expo was tremendous according to Will Crist, National Sales Manager: “With the outstanding response to the MAI, it is clear there is interest in the market for automating odd part insertion. With the MAI’s Linear Motors and easy to use software Mirae has a winner to address this market segment”. Product Manager Bob Drake added: “The combination of unique technologies offered by the MAI to cut, form, inspect and verify insertion for thru hole and large parts is unequalled. Mirae’s complete portfolio of odd part feeding systems ensure success in automating assembly of those difficult parts that traditional SMT end of line machines can’t handle.”



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