Mobile automated concentration measurement – fast, cost-effective solution targeting multiple cleaning machine measurement

The ZESTRON® EYE product family celebrates its latest automated cleaning agent monitoring solution for PCB and stencil cleaning processes at the SMT Hybrid & Packaging 2018 in Nuremberg.

In addition to the established ZESTRON® EYE inline measuring system and the self-sufficient ZESTRON® EYE CM module, the mobile, battery-powered ZESTRON® EYE Mobile measuring device is now available. The device guides the user quickly and easily to a precise concentration measurement result. Configurable measuring profiles enable process monitoring even for several machines with different settings and cleaning agents.

When concentration in the cleaning bath starts to deviate from the set point, e.g. by drag-over, the practical dosing recommendation function is useful. The result – a recommendation with the appropriate cleaning agent or DI-water addition is provided in order to obtain optimum concentration within the wash tank.

Of course, the ZESTRON® EYE Mobile also offers complete documentation and storage of the measurement results for process control and traceability, which can be transferred to a PC via USB interface.

Visit us at our booth and test the device yourself. Hall 4, booth #329 or contact us:


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