Mycronic to introduce a new high-capacity, small-footprint storage system at APEX 2018

Mycronic AB (publ) will launch its new high-capacity SMD Tower 8000 storage system at IPC APEX EXPO 2018 in San Diego (Booth 3511, Feb. 27 – March 1). The new system, which builds on the success of its current 615 series, is a compact, near-production storage solution that’s been raised to 3-meters in height but takes up just 1.5-square meters of space. As a result, it allows a 17% increase in reel capacity (1,148 reels), compared to previous SMD towers. The vendor-neutral system represents the most compact and flexible solution available on the market.

Reduced bottlenecks in material flow

“Ever since launching our first SMD Tower, we’ve seen an explosion of interest among assemblers in finding ways to eliminate unnecessary material movement and work-loading tasks in their factories,” says Robert Göthner, VP SMT, Assembly Solutions at Mycronic. “The high interest comes from all types of manufacturers, from high volume to high mix. That’s because they all face the same fundamental industry drivers – the need to streamline and improve the material flow between their main warehouse, the kitting areas and their production lines.

90% reduction in retrieval times

Much like earlier Mycronic storage systems, the SMD Tower 8000 is designed as a quick and flexible buffer storage unit that promotes space saving on the factory floor as well as error-free storage in a controlled climate atmosphere. It can dispense any required reel in just seconds and be automated and placed to work in parallel with other units for added capacity. Depending on the set-up, the new storage unit has been shown to achieve a 75% reduction in labor costs, 50% reduction in pick-and-place downtime and 90% reduction in retrieval times.

Five times faster – in sorted order

“One key industry benchmark is how many reels the tower can present per minute, in sorted order,” says Göran Frank, Product Manager, Assembly Solutions at Mycronic: “Let’s say you need a batch of 500 reels. The SMD Tower 8000 solution can present these in perfect order in less than 30 minutes since we only store the reels without bulky plastic storage cases. By adding more towers, you can also get more storage capacity and faster reel delivery – all in sorted order.”

Meeting business-critical material flow needs

According to Robert Göthner, the new unit has been rigorously field tested and will be ideal for industries such as the automotive, industrial electronics and computer industries. With a global installed base of 1,500 storage towers, the company says it anticipates the SMD Tower 8000 will be a welcome addition to manufacturers running multiple shifts, five to seven days a week, who are striving for more efficient, lean production.

To view the new SMD Tower 8000 and explore the advantages of higher capacity automated and intelligent storage, visit Booth 3511 at 2018 IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego on February 27 – March 1, 2018.


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