New “Green” benchtop flux removers introduced by MicroCare Europe at SMT Nuremberg 2016

Three New MicroCare Aerosols. 1500x1700.CMYK.300dpi. 3-2016. 872New HFO Cleaners Are the First in the Industry

MicroCare Europe bvba will continue the roll-out of three new aerosol-packaged circuit cleaners at SMT Nuremberg, Hall 7, Stand #7-531, from 26-28 April 2016. These three aerosols use novel chemical formulations not previously available to the market, and two of them are the first deployment of a totally new chemistry in aerosol form. These products will help companies lower their cleaning costs, improve product quality and meet ever-more stringent regulatory obligations.

In brief: the three new aerosols are the Universal Flux Remover, the Universal Contact Cleaner and the Polar Flux Remover. The Universal Flux Remover is a highly effective cleaner for the rosin-based, high-temperature, lead-free materials that are so difficult to clean. The Universal Contact Cleaner is formulated for cleaning electrical contacts, relays, switches and circuits. The Polar Flux Remover is the most aggressive of the three and is an excellent choice for cleaning heavy, aged fluxes and pastes found in PCB repairs.
Companies across Europe will prefer these cleaners because they are highly effective, long-term answers to the difficult cleaning issues facing engineers in Europe today. These cleaners are compliant with all current European environmental, health and safety regulations. These products also are formulated to be in compliance with all the emerging health, safety and environmental regulations around the world. This means a cleaning process can be specified, for example, in Germany and deployed globally.

The Universal Flux Remover and the Universal Contact Cleaner are unique in that they are the first electronics cleaners introduced in Europe (and in the world) using the new, environmentally-progressive HFO chemistries. These cleaners have an extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and are exempt from Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) restrictions. Both cleaners are non-flammable for enhanced worker safety. All three cleaners also are packaged with a new, ultra-low GWP propellant for even more environmental protections. The ingredients of all three new cleaners are REACH, GHS, WEEE- and ROHS-compliant.

All three products are engineered to be used with the optional, money-saving TriggerGrip™ cleaning system from MicroCare. The TriggerGrip™ system reduces solvent use while enhancing user ergonomics, which enables operators to clean more quickly, more safely and with less fatigue. When the aerosols are empty, the canisters are engineered to be easily recycled, which is a significant benefit to European customers.
These products are available from authorized MicroCare distributors in Europe and around the globe. For more details, visit MicroCare at Hall 7, Stand #7-531, or click through to the website


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