New iineo+ placement platform launching at APEX Expo 2017

Europlacer Americas announces the launch of a new pick & place platform, positioned at the top of its product range, on booth #2733 at APEX 2017 in San Diego. The new system is called iineo+. Based on the company’s industry-leading iineo machine, the new iineo+ platform includes an integrated component electrical tester, a new operating system, multi core processing and improved operator interface, as well as optional upgrades for enhanced traceability and system-wide ESD compliance.

With its unveiling at APEX, visitors to the exhibition will be the first in the world to see the new iineo+ placement machine, witness the new design and discover the productivity benefits on offer. iineo+ is designed to deliver a step change in value for production-wide management, process refinement and user accessibility.

The embedded component tester is Europlacer’s Kelvin-connected electrical measuring system calibrated to all international standards. Manufacturers in demanding sectors like aerospace, medical, defense and automotive will welcome the optional Track Pack traceability upgrade. This adds a suite of interoperable traceability and smart data analysis tools, including Europlacer’s PROMON live production dashboard, to the test function, taking 1D and 2D traceability to a new level. The Track Pack upgrade also adds an auto-width conveyor to the iineo+ platform.

Through the use of enhanced high-integrity materials and technology, the new Aero Pack upgrade option extends ESD control and conformity beyond the board transport and pick & place mechanisms to the entire iineo+ platform. Aero Pack meets the stringent requirements of static sensitive environments typically found in applications such as avionics and implantable medical device assembly.

Europlacer’s latest RC5.16 operating system software leverages multi core processing technology and client/server architecture to support an all-new graphical user interface, exploited through a large touch-screen monitor to drive productivity. The processing power behind RC5.16 boosts on-machine vision analysis processes and streamlines inter-platform communications – perfect for networked multi-machine production floors. iineo+ also introduces an enhanced Package Library, with new features that include the display of non-optimal package settings, exact shape representations for different device types, and a new special analysis mode for difficult devices.

Visitors to APEX can see the new iineo+ placement platform launched on the Europlacer booth #2733. APEX runs from February 14-16 at the San Diego Convention Center.

More information on the new iineo+ pick & place platform at www.europlacer/iineoplus


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