New Products – June 2017

■ PDR’s new aluminum clad PCB rework tools for LED rework, flex circuit rework and aluminum clad circuit card assemblies.

PDR hot plate attachments for its Focused IR Rework Machines

PDR introduced its new aluminum clad PCB rework tools for LED rework, flex circuit rework and aluminum clad circuit card assemblies. Designed to be incorporated into PDR’s existing line-up of Focused IR Rework Machines, PDR’s new Hot Plate series incorporates all of the best attributes of PDR technology into a contact heating system, thereby efficiently providing the thermal energy necessary to tackle the widest range of applications possible. Upon inserting the Hot Plate of your choice into PDR’s Standard PCB Fixturing System and initiating the profile, the system begins to gently heat the substrate material together with PDR’s Thermal Active Suite Profile Management System. Component removal/placement and temperature control is performed utilizing PDR’s standard mechanics and software system.



■ TopLine’s Column Planarizing Tool for precise trimming of CCGA Solder Columns.

TopLine announces new Column Planarizing Tool

TopLine offers a Column Planarizing Tool for precise trimming of CCGA Solder Columns to ensure planarity across the CCGA. Planarity ensures robust, reliable and uniform connections when the component is mounted to its footprint on an electronic assembly. TopLine CCGA Column Grid Array IC packages are made with non-collapsible solder columns for Surface Mount (SMT) soldering on Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), and provide more compliancy than solder balls (Ball Grid Arrays or BGAs) to absorb stress and increase solder joint reliability under harsh operating conditions. The TopLine Column Planarizing Tool securely locks the CCGA in place while columns are safely planarized.

■ Vision Engineering and Luxo Corporation co-branded magnifier.

Vision Engineering and Luxo Corporation form partnership

Vision Engineering and Luxo Corporation announced a new strategic business partnership. Vision Engineering will offer a full range of co-branded magnifiers to the North American and Central Europe industrial markets directly and through their authorized distribution channel. Mark Curtis, Vision Engineering’s Managing Director, commented: “We are very excited to work with Luxo Corporation. This business partnership reflects our commitment to provide our customers with a high quality product portfolio and outstanding customer service”. The comprehensive range of co-branded professional bench magnifiers expands Vision Engineering’s current product portfolio and gives customers a greater choice of quality inspection solutions. Knut Rusten, Glamox Senior VP Professional Building Solutions, said “The collaboration with Vision Engineering allows us to jointly develop a range of products which can be applied to a broader range of technical markets that can be accessed through Vision Engineering’s global direct and indirect sales channels”.


■ ULT AG has completely redesigned its ULT 200 product range.

ULT AG’s new generation of extraction and filtration systems

ULT AG has completely redesigned its ULT 200 product range and now introduces a new generation of extraction and filtration devices. With space-saving and modular construction, these systems efficiently remove soldering fume and dust as well as gases, odors, and vapors. The extraction systems‘ modularity allows for a high flexibility and adaptation to changing process conditions. The newly designed devices have been engineered to result in simple and intuitive handling, providing even more functionalities, extremely low-noise operation and increased customer benefits. Thanks to the specially developed integrated vacuum stabilization, the filtration systems adjust the extraction performance automatically and flexibly to the necessary contaminant-capturing rate. In particular, this enables pollutant capturing at several workplaces, which may help to save costs to a high degree. Depending on application, the new air purification systems will be provided with a specially configured multistage filtration concept, including HEPA filters. The cost-efficient separately exchangeable prefilters increase the main filters‘ durability and, thus, significantly minimize replacement and expendable part costs.

■ SMT Feeder Calibration system or dynamically testing and calibrating feeders.

ETC offering new SMT feeder calibration system

It has been proven that badly performing feeders are the most common reason for placement machine downtime. Poor calibration of feeders can lead to mis-picks, component waste and even machine damage. That’s why Electronic Technology Corporation (ETC), has developed a solution in the new SMT Feeder Calibration system. It empowers the user to take control of feeder maintenance and increase production yields without having to send those feeders out for costly repairs. In making the announcement, Terry Jeglum, President and CEO of ETC, said, “Our new SMT Feeder Calibration system is a unique tool for dynamically testing and calibrating feeders in-house. Poor calibration of feeders means trouble; but with our new SMT Feeder Calibration system, most problems including machine, component, and product damage can be avoided, and especially costly down-time when repairs need to be made or feeders must be sent out for repair servicing.”


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