New products presented at Productronica 2017

Suitable for direct imaging and high temperature applications : solder resists of the series Elpemer 2467

Elpemer solder resist (source:

By now, the direct imaging technology has become state-of-the art in the pcb sector, even in small and medium-sized companies. The inconvenience of long process times that are still needed by some machine technologies can be compensated by choosing a solder resist with a high photo-reactivity. Applied by screen printing, curtain coating or spray coating, the products of the series Elpemer 2467 stand for practise-proven alkaline-developable solder resists which combine excellent direct imaging properties with high temperature resistance.

In direct imaging, these products require no more than 60 mJ/cm², or even less, of exposure energy; they are already used for series production on common DI units. Despite their reactivity, they offer a wide processing window.

Besides the increasing demands specified by pcb manufacturers and OEM customers in terms of insulation properties, these solder resists fulfil the requirement of a temperature cycling resistance of 1 000 cycles at -40 °C / +160 °C and a continuous temperature resistance of 1 000 hours at 160 °C.

For all users searching for even higher temperature resistance, Elpemer solder resists are available that can withstand 175 °C.

For the thermal management of printed circuit boards, i.e. heat dissipation and thermo-mechanical decoupling, new thermal transfer pastes are presented at the show.

Outstanding adhesion to the substrate: Conformal coatings of the series ELPEGUARD SL 1307 FLZ/4

The conformal coatings of the series ELPEGUARD SL 1307 FLZ/4 display a good adhesion even on critical base materials. Achieved through a chemical reaction with the substrate, this feature gives excellent cross cut results while is does not affect the reparability and/or removal with the dedicated thinner, which is a specialty of this system, besides its rapid drying at room temperature.

The colourless and yellowing-resistant conformal coatings based on polyacrylic resins fully comply with the requirements specified by IPC-CC-830B and MIL-I-46058C; they have been tested as class II coating ”for a high reliability “according to IEC 61086, and are listed as both UL Permanent Coating according to UL 94 and as Conformal Coating according to UL 746E.
The conformal coatings ELPEGUARD SL 1307 FLZ/4 combine ease of handling with a high level of protection for electronic assemblies.


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