Nordson SELECT to showcase selective soldering platform at ACI Technologies Open House on September 25

Novo™ 103 selective soldering platform features compact footprint combined with flexibility and modularity ideal for prototype, cell manufacturing or batch production requirements

Nordson SELECT, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), will showcase its Novo™ 103 selective soldering platform at the upcoming ACI Technologies Open House scheduled to take place from 9am-6pm on September 25, 2018 at One International Plaza in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Nordson SELECT Novo™ 103 is a robust selective soldering platform delivering an exceptional combination of versatility, productivity and value. The Novo™ 103 has many unique features including high-speed Z-axis motion for faster processing time and reduced soldering cycle. It features interchangeable solder pots compatible with tin-lead, lead-free and HMP solder alloys, and can be configured with either a single selective solder nozzle, dual selective nozzle, or a 75mm wide wave soldering nozzle. The Novo™ 103 also features SWAK-OS graphics-based programming software enabling fast and straightforward program creation.

ACI Technologies, an electronics manufacturing and development house, invites guests to attend a free “Meet the Experts” open house for hands-on equipment demonstrations and technical presentations. Equipment from dozens of companies will be demonstrated, along with presentations on automated optical inspection, void reduction, and failure analysis techniques. Attendees will have an opportunity to discuss manufacturing tasks with equipment experts from all areas of the electronics manufacturing and assembly process. Please direct questions and RSVPs directly to Mike Prestoy (

For information contact Nordson SELECT at, call +1.509.924.4898, or visit our website


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