Optilia’s unique FreeSight digital video inspection systems highlight booth #219 at SMTAI 2016

Optilia’s unique FreeSight Digital Video Inspection systems will be featured in Booth #219 at SMTAI 2016. FreeSight provides the ability to view and work on objects at high magnification at an amazing extended 500mm of working distance for maximum comfort and ergonomics. Booth #219 is under Ascentech LLC, the North American Distributor for Optilia Instruments AB. The SMTA International Conference and Exhibition takes place September 27-28 at the Donald Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.Optilia FreeSight

The extra high camera mounting creates a clutter-free working space with comfortable clear viewing of the monitor, ideal for working on objects under inspection. Optilia offers three FreeSight models:

M20 HD 720p 60fps

This high definition 720p inspection camera with 20x zoom and with extended 500mm working distance is a cost-effective, ergonomic video inspection system producing bright pictures for fast and reliable optical inspection. The M20x FreeSight has a powerful 20x optical zoom and a swift auto focus for clear examination in 720p high definition.

M20 Full HD with 60fps video and 30x zoom is ideal for all inspection, assembly and repair work. It features a crisp and fast optical system, 350 to 500mm working distance range and clear examination of objects in 1080p Full HD. It offers 550mm FoV, enabling inspection of large objects.

W30 Full HD

The W30 FreeSight is a Full HD 1080p Inspection system with 30x optical zoom, swift auto-focus and extended 500mm working distance. This versatile, scalable and ergonomic HD imaging system produces bright pictures for fast and reliable optical inspection in full 1080p high definition. Its swift auto focus enables clear examination of a very wide range of objects. Optilia offers a choice of control method (joystick control box or via PC program) and fully adjustable camera settings; e.g., they can be used in B&W or at 720P.

All three FreeSight systems can be configured with an extensive array of lenses, illuminations, XY or tilt-tables, USB3.0 video streaming with software and Full-HD Still Image Capture on external SD-card. A wide range of standard or custom-made stands and mounts allows for installation in all working situations.

The core features of any Optilia optical inspection solution are excellent vision, powered by one of the trusted range of Optilia Full HD inspection cameras, and the capability to place it anywhere needed using professionally engineered XY-translation hardware.



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