Optimizing the bonding process with plasma technology

Plasmatreat presents various systems and solutions at Bondexpo 2021

Bondexpo (October 05-08, 2021 in Stuttgart) is the first German trade show highlight in 2021 for Plasmatreat GmbH. The technology leader from Steinhagen will present its systems for surface treatment with atmospheric pressure plasma at its booth 5503 in Hall 5. Activation, cleaning and coating of surfaces prior to the subsequent bonding process is the company’s main focus at the international trade fair for adhesive bonding technology. The Openair-Plasma technology from Plasmatreat can be used to optimize bonding processes and avoid environmentally harmful primers or adhesion promoter layers. 

The highlight at the Plasmatreat booth will be a Plasma Treatment Unit (in short: PTU) with special component transport. This is because the nozzles are not moved, as is so often the case, but the component is transported via an XPlanar Mover from Beckhoff Automation to the right nozzle at the right time for treatment with Openair-Plasma. Various components can be treated with Openair-Plasma in this PTU. In the first step, the component to be treated is moved under a nozzle with the XPlanar and cleaned or activated with it, depending on the material the surface is made of. In the subsequent step, a functional coating can be applied through another nozzle using the PlasmaPlus process, for example to create a nanolayer with anti-corrosion protection. 

For the trade show, the company is equipping its PTU with 3 XPlanar Movers to treat different components in the system. Visitors can see live how an inmold plastic part, a component with electronics and a component with the special AntiCorr coating are pretreated and coated. 



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