PAC global to discuss thermal warpage and strain metrology solutions from Akrometrix at upcoming SMTA expos


Shape matching at peak reflow temperature

Akrometrix LLC, the leader in elevated temperature surface characterization, is pleased to announce that its representative PAC Global will exhibit at the SMTA Houston & Dallas Expo & Tech Forums in Texas. SMTA Houston is scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at the Stafford Centre and SMTA Dallas is scheduled to take place Thursday, March 3, 2016 at the Plano Centre. The PAC Global team will discuss Akrometric’s TherMoire’ AXP modular metrology platform that provides shadow moire’, digital fringe projection and digital image correlation capabilities in one platform. PAC Global also will demonstrate the new Akrometrix Real-Time Analysis Software along with Array Generation Software (for thermal warpage measurement and partitioning of wafers) and Interface Analysis Software that allows high level and in-depth review of the attachment interface between two surfaces that warp during microelectronics and electronic assembly production reflow processes.

The Akrometrix Interface Analysis software enables 3D, 2D and statistical review of the complete interface at each temperature point during reflow and for the combined data set. Data to be analyzed can be collected with any of the 200+ TherMoiré systems in use throughout the worldwide electronics supply chain today. Introducing unique features such as Pass/Warning/Fail maps, as well as graphical results identifying problem areas based on user inputs, Interface Analysis allows users to see what is happening between two dynamic surfaces throughout the entire reflow process.

Surface-mount components may warp during the reflow process, as well as the associated land area. This warpage between components and the land area can contribute to defects such as Head-on-Pillow, shorts and opens. PAC Global represents Akrometrix throughout Texas and Mexico. For more information, visit the website.

Fully understanding the critical interface between surfaces is more important than ever. For more information about Akrometrix, visit the website.


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