Panasonic introduces new NPM-W2S at Productronica 2017

Panasonic introduces new NPM-W2S in Hall A3 Booth 177 at Productronica on November 14-17, 2017. NPM-W2S is the next stage in the evolution of the award-winning NPM-series and is geared for manufacturers who value setup and changeover time over speed. NPM-W2S offers a completely integrated, single-platform solution, providing far-reaching functions that expand and advance with the electronics assembly industry.

At a time when lot sizes are smaller, manufacturers strive to tighten control of their work in process, minimize changeovers, and expand feeder capacity—at an affordable price. This need is the premise for the development of the Panasonic NPM-W2S. It brings advances that expand upon standard component range, spanning 03015mm microchips to massive 100x90mm components and connectors nearly 6” long (150mm) and up to 30mm tall.

The NPM-W2S enables greater odd-form capability by increasing insertion force to 100N as well as increases imaging capability with an optional Pin-in-Paste Illumination option to better image pin-through-hole devices. It is equipped with the Industry’s only multi-recognition camera, enables component alignment, defect inspection, chip thickness, and 3D co-planarity inspection in a single pass to promote high productivity and quality. Newly released Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Pre-Pickup Inspection features allow unique recognition of tray-fed parts from barcodes, lines, and polarity marks to determine proper pickup angles even if parts are fed incorrectly. Many of these new features have also been added to other NPM models such as the W2, D3 and TT2 with more to come in the very near future.

With its advanced board handling design, the NPM-W2S maximizes area productivity. In single- and dual-lane mode, it can process extremely long LED panels nearly 4 feet in length (1,200mm). With a simple software switch, it automatically converts to dual-lane “shared”, or ultra-productive “hybrid” mode. For the highest efficiency, the NPM-W2S offers features like automated board support pin placement, self-aligning feeder cart changeover, intelligent feeder anywhere, and 2D-coded nozzle anywhere. The NPM-W2S solution further enhances production quality with thermal expansion compensation, board warp mapping, a 20- or 40-position direct pick tray tower, and closed-loop component monitoring with material verification, control and trace.

As always, manufacturers can scale production lines from low to high volume depending on production needs while conserving investments until production or technology requirements mandate. OEMs and EMS providers can reconfigure the machine heads in minutes—maximizing flexibility, hastening ROI, and protecting investments. The NPM-W2S also incorporates existing CM Series Panasonic feeders and nozzles to minimize capital investment and reduce inventory expense.

Panasonic will also demonstrate additional new solutions spanning technology leadership, traceability and control, material management, application support solutions, and more.

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