Panasonic wins awards, continues industry outreach at SMTAI 2016

Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America has been awarded a Global Technology Award from Global SMT and Packing for its newly introduced labor-saving, high-speed, odd-form and insertion solution (NPM-VF). The industry’s only dual-gantry, multi-head, odd-form machine was designed on the award-winning NPM Platform and created to help manufacturers reduce labor requirements and cost, while ensuring quality through-hole insertions and odd-form component placements.

Also awarded was Panasonic’s new high-speed NPM-DX quad-gantry platform designed to help manufacturers maximize output and quality, while reducing labor-resource requirements. Novel approaches to automated error self-recovery and uninterrupted data correction coupled with remote machine control, system navigation, and connectivity ensure the NPM-DX continues production with minimal operator intervention.

The “Total Solutions beyond SMT” message—a continuation from Panasonic’s “Any Mix Any Volume” theme was well-received by visiting manufacturers. Mark Ragard, GM of Electronics Assembly Sales, Panasonic Factory Solutions Company of America, said: “From APEX throughout SMTA International, we are experiencing successive and increasing opportunities for our single-sourced solutions that couple Panasonic’s industry-leading hardware, software, and complementary best-in-class technology partners—all integrated through PanaCIM® Enterprise Edition MES Software solution.”

The ongoing success of Panasonic’s solutions stems from our manufacturer’s perspective and expertise to address the challenges of a highly competitive manufacturing landscape in which there is a shortage of skilled labor, but, at the same time, a continued emphasis on quality, repeatability, and cost-effectiveness.


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