Pillarhouse International at APEX 2022

Pillarhouse International will once again be exhibiting at the APEX 2022 Exhibition, at Booth 923 of the San Diego Convention Center, California, USA from the 25th to the 27th of January 2022.

For over 40 years, Pillarhouse International has been designing and manufacturing specialist soldering equipment for the electronics industries, offering an extensive range of selective soldering solutions from low cost, flexible, standalone bench top entry level systems through to advanced, high speed integrated in-line production cells.

At APEX 2022, Pillarhouse will be exhibiting two machines. These will be the latest generation Synchrodex Pro solder module, which is supplied with an on-board Drop-Jet flux head and offers optional top side and bottom side slide in/out infra-red pre-heat linked to closed-loop pyrometer control. The other machine will be the Jade MKIV, an enhanced hand load system incorporating a universally adjustable tooling carrier and a low maintenance solder bath and pump mechanism. 

Our 1600mm Synchrodex Pro solder module offers the ability to process PCBs using either a single or twin bath operating format. Single bath operation allows for a board size capability of up to 610mm x 610mm, whilst the twin bath approach permits use of alternate nozzle tip sizes for increased soldering flexibility on either a single PCB or a simultaneous process on up to two PCBs, albeit on a reduced size of up to 420mm x 610mm. Our largest PCB handling capability of 1150mm x 610mm can be achieved when using the XL frame size.

Pillarhouse can also configure any of our frame sizes to operate as dedicated fluxing and/or I.R./convection heating modules, which, when placed in-line with solder module(s), will significantly increase production throughput.

Our uniquely flexible approach is facilitated via a software controlled, mechanical three pin stop arrangement on the conveyor section allowing for either single or dual PCB management. The Synchrodex Pro is controlled by a PC through our next generation PillarCOMM.NET software – a Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface with PCB image display.

The Jade MKIV’s universally adjustable tooling carrier is capable of accommodating PCBs or pallets of up to 508mm x 610mm, with our patented Drop-Jet design fluxer offering quick and effective flushing of the pressurized flux chamber. This helps keep maintenance levels to a minimum whilst enabling use of higher solid content fluxes as well as water-soluble fluxes.

As part of the entry-level philosophy of the Jade MKIV, a low maintenance solder bath and pump mechanism has been developed which moves in three axes of movement whilst not limiting PCB access. Solder is applied using proven technology through our AP nozzle design or custom specialized nozzles. The Jade MKIV is controlled by a PC through our next generation PillarCOMMX software – a Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface with PCB image display.

Pillarhouse will be exhibiting at Booth 923 at APEX 2022.

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